3 How to Reset OPPO Phone, Do This to Make Your Phone Fast Again!

    How to reset Oppo phone that Teknodaim shares is very easy and can be done by anyone. No need for mobile phone mechanic skills to…

    How to Reset OPPO HP to Overcome Bootloop

    3 How to Reset OPPO HP to Overcome Bootloop! Come on Semarang

    Are you looking for how to reset OPPO phone without flashing using a computer? Relax, because here Teknodaim has summarized 3 tutorials about it, which you can do anywhere and anytime!

    However, if this method of resetting your OPPO phone cannot be done on your device, then you can only fix it by flashing. The problem could be that the device reset feature of your phone is erased, that’s why only flashing can solve it.

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    3 How to Reset OPPO Phone, Do This to Make Your Phone Fast Again!
    3 How to Reset OPPO phone to Solve Bootloop! | Let’s Go Semarang

    If you already understand the discussion that Teknodaim brought this time, here’s how to reinstall the OPPO phone or you can say hard-restart (reset) to make the phone speed up again! How to restart the OPPO phone below you must read carefully yes, in order to avoid small mistakes that can make your phone die completely.

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    1. How to Reset Oppo phone Through Recovery Mode

    Enter Recovery Mode

    First press the Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously until you enter Recovery mode.

    Reset Oppo Phone

    If you have activated the recovery mode, you will see a display like in this photo. Here, you need to select Wipe Data.

    Format your OPPO phone data

    After selecting the Wipe Data menu, options will appear and here we will choose Format Data to reinstall the OPPO phone.

    2. How to Reset OPPO Mobile via Find My Device Feature

    3 How to Reset OPPO Phone, Do This to Make Your Phone Fast Again!
    How to Reset OPPO Mobile Via the Find My Device Feature | Eraspace

    This second way of reinstalling your OPPO phone can only be done if the device you want to reset has an active Find My Device feature. Your phone doesn’t have this feature? Relax, just follow the tutorial below, because usually the Find My Device feature is always present and active, unless it is turned off by the user.

    • Open this link on your device that has an internet connection, whether it’s a laptop, mobile phone or PC.
    • After that, log into your Google account that is connected to your OPPO phone.
    • If so, there will be various features and just select My Phone or the logo in the shape of a phone.
    • Next here you need to select Delete Data to do this OPPO phone reset method, then Execute.
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    3. How to Reset OPPO Phone without Losing Data

    3 How to Reset OPPO Phone, Do This to Make Your Phone Fast Again!
    How to reset an OPPO phone that doesn’t bootloop through settings | HPRino

    If you want to know how to reset OPPO phone without losing data, here’s the tutorial! Keep in mind, there can be errors in the reset process, so make sure you back up the important data on your phone before carrying out this OPPO phone reset method!

    • Open the Settings app on your OPPO phone.
    • If so, scroll down until you find the Backup & Reset menu and select it.
    • After that, there will be various options and just select Factory Data Reset.
    • If you want to completely reset your OPPO phone, check the Erase Phone Storage menu.
    • Next, press Reset Phone and wait for the process to finish.

    Don’t reset your OPPO phone too often!

    Oh yes, Teknodaim needs to remind all of you mobile phone users, you should not reset your device too often. Because it can make your phone’s storage, such as eMMC, UFS and such quickly damaged!

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    The problem is that the reset process itself is quite heavy, which is why overheating or overheating of the user’s phone often occurs when carrying out the reset process. That’s why reset your phone if there is an important need only, such as to overcome bootloop.

    Charger your phone first before performing a reset!

    In addition, make sure you also charge your phone first before resetting the device. You see, if your battery runs out in the process of completing the reset, it can cause the phone to completely shut down!

    It is usually recommended that users have a phone battery of approximately 60% and that the battery is healthy (not dropped). If you’re afraid of your phone suddenly dying, just charger the device during the reset process.

    Those are the 3 how to reset OPPO phone that you might need to know before doing this tutorial! If any of you are experiencing problems or constraints during the reset process, tell us in the comments column so that Teknodaim can help you solve it!


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