How to View Shopping Cart on TikTok Shop Easily

    For those who don’t know how to see the Cart on TikTok Shop, Teknodaim has shared the tutorial here…

    TikTok is one of the most popular apps, because it allows users to create short videos. In addition, this app has other features such as live streaming and users can sell their products. Speaking of features on TikTok, this time Teknodaim wants to share a tutorial on how to view the basket on TikTok.

    When you create a TikTok app, there’s always a video or live stream where someone is promoting their product. There must be one or two items that you think are good and you buy them.

    Here’s How to View Cart on TikTok Shop

    How to View Shopping Cart on TikTok Shop Easily
    Cara Melihat Keranjang Di Tiktok Shop | salvo.co.id

    Download Aplikasi TikTok:

    How to View Shopping Cart on TikTok Shop Easily

    TikTok Lite APK

    TikTok Lite is a popular short video sharing and live streaming app.


    Open Profile in TikTok App

    First you open the TikTok app, login using your account and open your Profile.

    Choose settings and privacy

    After that, enter the Settings menu by clicking the three lines in the upper right corner and select Settings and privacy.

    Click Orders

    On the Settings and privacy menu, you can click the Orders menu. All your purchases will automatically appear on the Orders menu. On this page you can also see several categories of items that have been ordered.

    It’s very easy not how to see the basket on TikTok, currently shopping on TikTok is increasingly popular with its users because there are many free shipping discounts there.

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    Causes of TikTok Shop Not Appearing

    How to View Shopping Cart on TikTok Shop Easily
    Penyebab Tiktok Shop Tidak Muncul | komunitasmea.web.id

    After knowing how to view the cart on TikTok, of course there is one problem that is often experienced by users, namely the TikTok Shop button does not appear. Now for those who don’t know what causes it, let’s see the following complete review.

    TikTok users must have experienced a moment where they wanted to open the TikTok Shop feature to see the items they bought. However, the feature does not appear at all, here are the reasons why TikTok Shop does not appear.

    1. Not updated to the latest version: Like other applications, TikTok also often updates, so if the TikTok Shop feature does not appear, try checking the Google Play Store and updating the TikTok application to the latest version so that the application can run smoothly.
    2. Not yet of age: Just like other social media applications, when you register in the TikTok application there are several fields that you must fill in including age. The minimum age that can use the TikTok Shop feature is 18 years old, so if this feature is not there, chances are you are not old enough.
    3. Violating Terms and Conditions: So if you make frequent purchases and refuse COD, chances are your TikTok Shop will be blacklisted. Therefore, before making a transaction, you should consider it first.
    4. Internet Connection: One of the most important elements of being able to run the TikTok app is an internet connection, so if you can’t open the TikTok Shop feature, chances are your internet connection is failing.
    5. TikTok server is under maintenance: Maintenance is one of the moments when TikTok developers are doing maintenance, so that the application can run normally. If TikTok Shopp cannot be accessed, it could be that TikTok is under maintenance and TikTok Shop can be opened again after maintenance is complete.
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    That’s the tutorial on how to view cart in TikTok Shop Maintenance is one of the times when TikTok developers perform maintenance to keep the application running normally. If you can’t access TikTok Shopp, TikTok might be undergoing maintenance and TikTok Shopp can be reopened after the maintenance is complete.easily. After reading this article, do you think the information we shared can help you? Then don’t forget to always visit Teknodaim.

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