4 How to Block Facebook Account

    How to block your own and other people’s Facebook accounts is very easy to do, especially since there is a temporary block feature.

    4 Cara Memblokir Akun Facebook Sendiri Maupun Orang Lain

    4 Cara Memblokir Akun Facebook Sendiri Maupun Orang Lain | DeviceTest

    For some reason, many people are looking for how to block Facebook accounts. Even though the tutorial has been explained by Facebook through the application. However, for those of you who haven’t read the tutorial or don’t understand how to do it, let’s look at the discussion that Teknodaim shares below.

    Because here Teknodaim will give you 4 ways to block your own Facebook account and others. So you can choose from one of the ways to block this FB account according to what you want.

    4 How to block Facebook account

    4 How to Block Facebook Account
    How To Block Facebook Accounts

    There are various kinds of tutorials below, but the one most often used by people is the first method. The problem is here you can use the Facebook account again, because the blocking is only temporary.

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    1. How to Block Facebook Account Temporarily

    Open Facebook in Browser

    First, open your Facebook account in your browser and login, then left-click your profile picture in the top right corner and select Settings & Privacy, then Settings.

    Open Accounting Center

    If so, now you just need to open the Accounts Center as shown in the photo.

    Deactivation or Deletion

    After that, select the Personal Details tab, then click Account Ownership and Control, and a display like this will appear and just select Deactivation or Deletion.

    How to Temporarily Block a Facebook Account

    For the last step, you only need to follow the directions then an option will appear like this and select Deactivate Account to temporarily block your account.

    2. How to Block Facebook Account Permanently

    4 How to Block Facebook Account
    Cara Memblokir Akun FB Secara Permanen | HT Tech

    If you want to permanently block your FAcebook account, of course we will also provide it here. Although this second method is actually the same as the first method, but as a complement.

    • Open your Facebook account then left-click the profile picture in the top right corner.
    • After that, enter the Settings & Privacy menu then Settings.After that, enter the Settings & Privacy menu then Settings.After that, a new tab will appear and select Accounts Center.
    • After that a new tab will be displayed and select Account Center.
    • If so, now select the Personal Details menu then click Account Ownership and Control and select Deactivation or Deletion.
    • Next, you only need to select which FB account you want to block permanently then select the Delete Account menu and Continue.
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    3. How to Block Facebook Account Through Cell Phone

    4 How to Block Facebook Account
    How to Block Facebook Account Through Cell Phone | Daily Express

    Actually, the way to block a Facebook account is the same everywhere, but only the appearance or UI is different. But if you don’t understand how to block a FB account via cellphone, see the following explanation.

    • Open the Facebook app on your phone, then go to the Profile menu and select Settings & Privacy and select Settings again.
    • If so, go to the Personal Information menu and tap “Edit” on the Access and Control menu.
    • After that, tap Deactivation and Deletion and then choose what you want to do with the Facebook account, such as blocking it permanently or temporarily.

    4. How to Block People’s Facebook Accounts

    4 How to Block Facebook Account
    How to Block Other People’s Facebook Accounts | CnwinTech

    For this one topic is quite different from the previous one, because here we will block other people’s FB accounts. This is usually done so that the target FB account cannot find yours and vice versa. Even posts and such will not appear on the homepage, even though you are friends.

    • Open the Facebook app and tap the Settings & Privacy menu then select Settings.
    • After that, scroll down and select the Blocking menu.
    • If so, press the + sign in the menu and search for the person you want to block.
    • If you want to unblock it, you just need to go back to the Blocking menu and tap Unblock.
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    Keep in mind, blocking your own Facebook account does not mean that your digital footprint is immediately erased. Because Meta as the owner of Facebook still stores the data on their servers.

    Moreover, if the Facebook owner is in trouble with the government, blocking this account will be even more complicated. The problem is that the blocking will not be processed immediately by Facebook, and of course your efforts will be useless.

    Those are the various ways to block Facebook accounts that Teknodaim has summarized specifically for all of you. If there is anything you don’t understand about this tutorial, write it in the comments column below, so we can help you directly!

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