This theme can make your Android phone look like an iPhone 14

There is good news for Android phone users, because the latest Dynamic Island feature launched by Apple for iPhone 14, can be enjoyed by Android users. It is known that a MIUI theme developer from China is developing an iPhone 14 Pro theme for Android phone users, especially Xiaomi.

So a few days ago Apple released their latest product, the iPhone 14 series. Well iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max bring quite a lot of changes compared to the previous generation, the most obvious is that on the front display there is a punch hole that can change according to iPhone usage.


iPhone 14 themes for Android

According to the information we have received, the iPhone 14 theme that is being developed is called Grumpy UI. In addition, a technology YouTuber named Vaibhav Jain uploaded information as well as video footage showing the Grumpy UI theme.

Similar to Dynamic Island, Grumpy UI can also show Now Playing, a display of the music that is currently playing. Since the notch on Grumpy is artificial, it functions differently, compared to the Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

In the video uploaded by Vaibhav Jain, it can be seen that Grumpy UI does not cover the entire front camera area, its position is located separately a little beside the front camera. For those of you who want to try this theme, Grumpy UI is already available on the Theme Store.

Grumpy Ui Theme
For those of you who want to try this theme, Grumpy UI is already available in the Theme Store.

But unfortunately, this theme is still not available for Android or Xiaomi users outside the China region. Even if you download the theme using a VPN, it doesn’t necessarily mean that non-Chinese ROMs support this theme.

It is likely that in the next few years, Android vendors will create designs similar to Dynamic Island. Well for the time being you can use this theme as an alternative if you are curious about Dynamic Island.

This is the information about the iPhone 14 Pro theme for Android phones. After reading this article and knowing that Xiaomi has an iPhone 14 theme, do you want to try the theme? Don’t forget to keep visiting Teknodaim.

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