30+ iPhone Secret Codes that Users Must Know!

    As an iPhone user, you need to know this iPhone secret code. The problem is that the code has many functions.

    Here are 30+ secret iPhone codes you must know!

    Here are 30+ iPhone Secret Codes You Must Know! Jon Retingger

    As iPhone users, of course we have to know various kinds about the phone, one of which is the iPhone secret code that Teknodaim shared this time. Because by knowing some of these iPhone codes, you will be more helpful and easy to access features on the iPhone.

    Such as a quick way to check IMEI, check LCD conditions, check iPhone vibrations and many more uses of this iPhone secret code. Instead of being curious about the codes on the iPhone that have been hidden all this time. Let’s immediately see the complete list below.

    30+ iPhone Secret Codes

    30+ iPhone Secret Codes that Users Must Know!
    Iphone Secret Codes

    There are so many functions of the codes on the iPhone hidden so far. Because with the code the work to find out information on the iPhone phone is easier and faster. For those who don’t know what the functions of the iPhone secret code are, here’s a list.

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    1. iPhone IMEI Check Code

    You can say that the way to check IMEI on all cellphones is the same, namely by dialing *#06# via the Phone application. With IMEI, you can do various things for your HP, such as checking the warranty period and the like.

    2. iPhone LCD Check Code

    For the next iPhone secret code itself is very useful if you want to buy used cellphones and the like. Here we need to enter the dial code ##0##* through the Phone application so that we can check the LCD condition of the iPhone.

    3. iPhone LCD Sensitivity Check Code

    Sensitivity is also a very important thing in the LCD. If your iPhone’s Sensitivity is wrong, playing games will become very difficult. That’s why it’s good to check this once in a while via ##2664##.

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    4. iPhone Alert Function Check Code

    Apart from checking the LCD, this one feature is no less important if you want to buy a used iPhone. With the dial code ##002#, you can enter the feature of checking the iPhone alert function, such as for LED Notification and the like.

    5. Code to Turn Off iPhone Waiting Mode

    If you want to turn off Wait Mode, there is a secret iPhone code to make this happen. Just dial #43# in the Phone app, and the mode will turn itself off later.

    6. Code to Check Missed Call List on iPhone

    While we can check missed calls manually, it’s a good idea to remember this iPhone secret code. You see, it’s more practical, because you only need to dial *61# and then all the missed call lists will appear.

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    7. Vibration Check Code on iPhone

    Besides checking the LCD, you should also do a Quick-Check or QC on your iPhone’s vibration. If the vibration function is damaged, there is a possibility that your iPhone hardware will be damaged in the future. The check itself is very easy, just use this code ##0842##.

    8. Code to Enable Call Forwarding on iPhone

    If you often make phone calls, this iPhone secret code is very useful, where you can forward calls now to other people. The way it works is very easy. When making a call open the dial menu and type the code *21# then find the contact you want to forward.

    Apart from the above, there are still iPhone secret codes that you don’t know. Here are the iPhone secret codes that you can use to access various features, according to their functions.

    *#*#4636#*#*Checking the connected network
    *#*#1472365#*#*Checking GPS quality
    *#*#34971539#*#*Checking camera information
    *#*#232331#*#*Checking Bluetooth information
    *#*#197328640#*#*Checking the network used
    *3001#12345#See which networks are suitable for your location
    ##0289##Checking the speaker feature
    *#5005*7672#Checking the nearest SMS Center
    *#43#Call Waiting will be activated
    *43#Wait Mode will be activated
    *2767*3855#Factory Reset
    *#31#Hide phone number
    *3370#Audio quality will improve due to EFR
    *#*#0673#*#*Audio Check
    *#33#Check the call bar, Fax, SMS and more
    *225#Check the condition of the Bill Balance feature
    *#67#Check call diversion when the phone is busy
    *646#View the available time on your Postpaid card
    *#76#View call cost data
    *3282#Checking user information
    *777#Checking account balance on prepaid card
    331Features for dialing overseas calls
    iPhone Secret Code

    How to use secret codes on iPhone

    Open Phone App

    First open the Phone app on your iPhone.

    Enter Secret Code

    If so, now you just need to enter the secret code of the iPhone you want through the dial menu.

    iPhone Secret Code Usage Example

    The photo above is one example of the iPhone’s secret code.

    Those are the 30+ iPhone secret codes that you must know. So that the codes above are not lost, you can bookmark this article on your iPhone phone so you can use it again when you need it.


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