2 Ways to Create an Attractive Paper Cover in Word

    Wondering how to make a nice and neat Word paper cover? Just check out this article, you’ll definitely be enlightened!

    3 Cara Membuat Cover Makalah di Word yang Bagus

    Templatelab | Teknodaim

    If you want to know how to make a nice and neat paper cover, it’s a great coincidence because Teknodaim will give you 2 ways to make a cover in Word. You do not have to follow all the directions below.

    Such as the location of the logo, writing or whatever it is that you want to include in the paper. In addition, making a paper that is different from others can make people’s perspective better on your cover.

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    Here are 2 ways to create a paper cover in Word

    2 Ways to Create an Attractive Paper Cover in Word
    Here are 2 Ways to Create a Paper Cover in Word | UNIQPOST

    1. Create Cover Directly in Word

    Apart from the discussion above, make sure you already have the tools to make a paper cover, one of which is Word software. However, if you are using Windows, the software is usually there and you don’t need to install it again.

    Tulis Judul Makalah Kamu

    Setelah membuka Word, tulis judul makalah kamu lalu edit tulisan tersebut seperti ukuran, tebal dan jenis font-nya. Fitur-fitur untuk mengedit tulisan ini bisa kamu lihat disudut kiri atas.

    Rapikan Makalah Kamu

    Sekarang kamu perlu merapikan makalah kamu, seperti memasukkan Gambar seperti yang terlihat difoto ini. Setelah selesai mengedit, tekan CTRL + S untuk menyimpan makalah tersebut.

    2. How to Make a Paper Cover in Word Using a Template

    If you are confused about how to make the cover in Word look neat and pleasing to the eye, you should just download a template on the internet and then edit it in the software. Here I usually download templates on a site called Templatelab.

    After downloading the template from the site, now you only need to open the file that you downloaded and edit it in Word software. How to create a cover in Word using this second method is arguably quite sneaky. However, in order to get a good grade, how to make a cover in Word is inevitable.

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    2 Ways to Create an Attractive Paper Cover in Word
    One Example of a Paper Cover Template | Templatelab

    On the site there are also many templates that suit your wishes. Such as Templates for school papers, commerce and many more. So, that’s how to make a paper cover in Word, isn’t it easy?

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