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4 Ways to Check Phone Touchscreen Accurately

Touchscreen is one of the important components in a Smartphone. In fact, almost all phones today use Tochscreen. Speaking of Touchscreen, you must have experienced where your phone’s Touchscreen errors. Well therefore this time Teknodaim wants to share a tutorial on how to check the Phone Touchscreen.

Usually the cause of the Phone screen error is caused by the phone being exposed to large amounts of water, the phone falls with the screen position right to the ground or floor, it could also be because the Phone is too hot.


Here are 4 ways to check the Phone touchscreen


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Then how to check the Phone screen accurately? Then let’s take a look at the tutorial below.

1. How to Check Phone Touchscreen with Secret Code

How to check your phone's touchscreen with a secret code
How to Check Phone Touchscreen with Secret Code | leskompi.com

The first tutorial is how to check the Phone Touchscreen with a secret code. For those of you who don’t know, there are several codes you can use to check the condition of your cell phone, such as IMEI, cell phone type information, and cell phone reset.

Among these codes, there are several codes that you can use to check Phone functions, such as checking the vibration function, voice call, Phone screen and others. Here’s how to check your phone’s touchscreen using a secret code:

  • First, open the Dial Pad on your phone.
  • Then type *#0*#* or #*#0*#*#*.
  • The Touchscreen Test will appear later.
  • Well there you can check the Touchscreen.
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Next, you can check the condition of the phone’s touch screen by using an application called Touchscreen Test.

2. Cara Cek Touchscreen Pakai Aplikasi Tambahan

Tutorial selanjut adalah cara mengecek Touchscreen pakai aplikasi. Perlu kalian tau, selain menggunakan kode rahasia kalian juga bisa menggunakan aplikasi tambahan untuk melakukan pengecekan, dan banyak aplikasi untuk cek layar HP di Playstore. Berikut cara cek Touchscreen HP pakai aplikasi tambahan:

  1. Pastikan kamu sudah mendownload dan menginstall aplikasi Touchscreen Test di HP Android kalian.
    Download Touchscreen Test Terbaru
    Download Touchscreen Test Terbaru
  2. 2
    Jalankan Aplikasi
    Setelah download aplikasi dan melakukan penginstall, jalankan aplikasi tersebut dan klik star test.
    Jalankan Aplikasi
    Jalankan Aplikasi
  3. 3
    Tekan Seluruh Bagian Layar Ponsel
    Setelah klik star, kalian langsung tekan seluruh bagian layar ponsel. Kalau layar yang kalian tekan berwarna hijau, itu tandanya layar pada bagian tersebut masih berfungsi dengan normal.
    Tekan Seluruh Bagian Layar Ponsel
    Tekan Seluruh Bagian Layar Ponsel
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3. How to check phone screen using image app

How to Check With Image App
How to Check With Image App | berita24.id

The next tutorial on how to check the phone screen is by using an image application. If at the previous point you used a special application for the Touchscreen test, but at this point you can use an application for drawing. Here’s how to check the phone’s touchscreen using the image application:

  • First, download the image application from the Playstore. Here Teknodaim uses the Sketchbook application.
  • Once the download is complete, run the application.
  • Then swipe your finger across the entire phone screen.
  • If the entire screen is covered with colour, then your touchscreen is still working.

4. Physically Check the Phone Screen

Physical Check of Phone Screen
Physical Check of Mobile Screen | blog.justmuha.com

The last is by physically checking the phone screen. Apart from using secret codes and software, you should also check the hardware. Well, checking the physical cell phone screen is quite easy, that is, you can check if there are lines or cracks on the LCD, and also you can go to the cell phone counter to make repairs.

This is a tutorial on how to check the phone screen accurately. After reading this article and knowing how to check the condition of your phone screen, did you find this tutorial useful? Don’t forget to keep visiting Teknodaim.

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