F4 Paper Size in cm, mm, inches and Full Pixels

    The use of F4 paper is not as popular as A4 because it is more dominant in A4 paper, especially in printing documents

    Kertas F4 Kualitas Terbaik

    Kertas F4 Kualitas Terbaik

    The use of F4 paper is not as popular as A4 because it is more dominant in A4 paper, especially in printing documents. But that does not mean F4 paper is not used, because the selection of printing documents is also often on F4 paper at a certain time. This F4 paper size is often used to print important documents such as diplomas or other important documents.

    Not a few also print photos in F4 paper size and other documents that are printed in this paper size. Well, to print documents in F4 paper size you also have to select the option first in the software or application.

    You can also set the paper size either in inches, cm, mm, pixels or in other sizes. For texture and paper type, F4 paper is also the same as A4, only differentiated in size. For completeness in reviewing in more detail, Teknodaim will discuss it in this article.

    What is F4 Paper Size?

    F4 Paper Size in cm, mm, inches and Full Pixels
    F4 Paper Size

    F4 paper size can also be referred to as folio size, the mention is indeed more dominant in folio. Because the mention is more dominant to folio, the name F4 is unfamiliar to some people, especially when mentioned in F4 size, many are confused because it is unfamiliar to them.

    This F4 paper size is certainly larger than A4 paper. In inch units this paper measures (8.27 inch x 13.0 inch), in cm units this paper measures (21 cm x 33 cm), for mm units this paper measures (210 mm x 330 mm), and in pixels themselves the size of this F4 paper is (793.7 pixels – 1247.2 pixels).

    In making graphic design, F4 paper is very much needed, because this paper can be adjusted using the DPI configuration calculation or dots per inch. DPI configuration states the number of color dots on each inch of paper, the denser the number of dots, the more detailed the color will be.

    Color dots are also called pixels, so some software uses the name pixel to make it easier for users to determine the details of a photo or their design. This DPI calculation is very important especially in printing very important documents. Often the use of pixels or DPI calculations in F4 paper size is used to print photos, maps, books, magazines, letters and so on.

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    General F4 Paper Size

    F4 Paper Size in cm, mm, inches and Full Pixels
    F4 and Legal Paper Size

    F4 paper has a longer size than A4 paper size and has followed the ISO 2016 standard.

    1. F4 paper has a length and width of 8.27 x 12.99 in inch size.
    2. Measures 21 cm x 33 cm in centimeters.
    3. Measures 210 mm x 330 mm in length and width in millimeters.
    4. In pixel units, F4 paper has a unit or size that is determined based on the configuration as Teknodaim explained earlier. The number of color points expressed by DPI in each inch explains the size of F4 paper as follows.
    • 72 DPI, F4 paper has a size of 595 x 935 pixels
    • 96 DPI, F4 paper has a size of 793 x 1247 pixels
    • 150 DPI, F4 paper has a size of 1240 x 1948 pixels
    • 300 DPI, F4 paper has a size of 2481 x 3897 pixels

    Well, this pixel size is available in some software or applications especially those related to graphic design, and is very useful for printing documents clearly and perfectly in F4 paper size.

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    F4 Paper Size in Applications

    F4 Paper Size in cm, mm, inches and Full Pixels
    F4 Paper Size by Application

    Each application or software has its own settings in choosing the paper size that will be printed. Therefore, it is very important for you to know that the F4 paper size in each application is different.

    1. Paper Size F4 Microsoft Word Application

    You can print documents in F4 paper size in Microsoft Word application. In this application, the paper size is mentioned in inches with a display of 8.5″ x 13″. If you don’t find this size, you must first create it using the custom size paper feature. Here’s how you should follow.

    1. Select the Custom Size Paper feature, select Page then click the Options button in the lower right corner then the Printer Properties menu will appear.
    2. Select Quick Setup and then select Printer Paper Size, select Customize.
    3. Fill in the description with F4 size in 8.5″ x 13″ inches. If you have done this step, then you can print in F4 paper size.

    Don’t forget to save the document that you have created earlier, that way you don’t have to worry about the size of the accounting paper changing.

    You will find many and varied paper sizes in Microsoft Word. Starting from the size provided by the application and you can also make it manually on the custom size paper feature as Teknodaim explained above.

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    2. F4 Paper Size in Excel

    Almost the same as explained in the previous point in Microsoft Word, you have to make the F4 paper size manually. Here’s how to set the F4 paper size in Microsoft Excel manually:

    1. Select the Page Layout feature on the tools menu, then press the Page Setup button and select Options.
    2. Click Custom and select Paper size. Select custom then fill in the F4 paper size in mm.
    3. Fill in the paper size, 210 in the width column and 330 in the Height column. Then click OK
    4. Make sure the Printer Properties in the Printer Paper Size section is listed as Custom.

    If you have done the above method then you just need to save the document and it is ready to be printed in F4 paper size. Choose the OK menu and on Page Setup, the Paper size section looks empty because this is a sign if you change the paper size manually in Microsoft Excel. Then click the OK menu that appears afterward. You can print your document safely in the F4 paper size you have created earlier.

    3. F4 Paper Size in CorelDraw

    If previously in the realm of Microsoft or more to the document, maybe the field of graphic design is also very familiar with F4 paper because in addition to the size that is wider than A4 size and is very much used to print edits. For beginners, of course it is very necessary to know if in this application you can change the paper size to F4. Well, if you want to print in F4 paper size in the CorelDraw application, please follow the steps below.

    1. Before adjusting the paper size, adjust the paper orientation first in portrait or lanscape to make it easier for you to determine the paper size to F4.
    2. In the menu bar, select the position menu or the logo that has been oriented.
    3. In the Menu Bar, select the view section then select the page or Page and click the Bleed menu then select Printable Area.

    If you have adjusted you can print in the paper size that you have specified earlier, if you choose portrait orientation then the document is printed in vertical form and vice versa. Before printing, the application will also provide a preview of the design that will be printed.

    If bleed occurs, click the orientation display on the paper size that will be printed. You will find the Printable area Options menu that will display the orientation of the paper you will print on the Corel Draw application.

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    What is the difference between F4 Paper and Folio Paper?

    F4 paper and folio paper have the same width and slightly different lengths, the designation is of course also different. The functions and types are all the same.

    Some Rules in F4 Paper Size

    In using paper to print documents, of course, there are rules for its use. There are many series of paper types F ranging from F0, F1, F2, F3, F4, and so on, all of which you can use for certain purposes. Even series F series paper starting from F0, F2, F4 and so on has a length divided by a width having a value of 1.5714.

    For paper sizes F1, F3, F5 and so on, the length divided by width has a value of 1.27. F0 paper has the largest size followed by F1 which has half the size, F2 is a quarter of F0, F3 is half of F2, F4 is a quarter of F2 and so on.

    How to Choose Quality F4 Paper

    F4 Paper Size in cm, mm, inches and Full Pixels
    Best Quality F4 Paper

    You can choose and buy F4 paper at bookstores or at photocopy and stationery stores. This F4 paper is sold with different brands and each brand has different paper quality. By choosing a good type of paper, it will be better for your printouts later.

    1. Note the Grammage of F4 Paper

    The paper weight scale in GSM units is called Grammage. There are many F4 size papers on the market with different grammage. Many use 70 GSM, 80 GSM and 60 GSM size F4 paper in printing documents.

    Paper with a size of 80 GSM has a weight above the size of 70 or 60 GSM so that the print results also become better. Paper with size 70 GSM or 60 GSM is more widely used in copy shops for printing documents. Paper with a size of 80 GSM is commonly used to print important documents because the results are quite good.

    2. F4 Paper Color

    F4 paper is not only sold in white, but there are many other color options that you can find in F4 paper size. Colored paper is often used to print special documents or purposes such as brochures, document dividers and others. For the price itself, of course colored paper is more expensive than white paper that is commonly used.

    3. Choose Paper with the Best Brand

    To choose a good quality, of course there is also a good brand as a basis for making a selection. Brands also sell products at different prices, so each brand must offer information such as the quality of the paper it sells.

    So if you want to print important documents, you should also use the best quality paper and vice versa.

    Well, that’s Teknodaim’s review of the F4 paper size, hopefully it can be a guideline for you in printing documents and hopefully it will be useful for you. Some documents certainly have different paper requirements as well as paper types and paper colors.

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