How to Screenshot on Iphone 11

Many people say we can’t do just any screenshot on the iPhone, therefore the iPhone Screenshot Service appears. However, with the iPhone 11 Screenshot method that Teknodaim has made, it has been proven that it is a hoax or arguably just for fun.

The iPhone is often compared to Android, which is very free to do anything, such as rooting, custom roms and the like. But the comparison this time is very unique, because they say iPhone can’t do screenshots carelessly.

How to Screenshot on iPhone 11


How to screenshot on Iphone 11
How to screenshot on iPhone 11 | Trusted Reviews

Apart from that, the iPhone Screenshot Services that were viral before were also in great demand. Even if it’s just for fun, the service seller makes money from this iPhone Screenshot Service. Enough talk, here’s how to SS iPhone 11 easily!

1. Via Power and Volume Up/Down Key Combination

You can do this tutorial for any series of iPhone devices, except those that still use the Home button, because the screenshot method itself is different.

Total Time: 3 minutes

Turn on your iPhone

Nyalakan Iphone Kamu

Before starting how to SS iPhone 11, make sure your device is already on, if not, how to screenshot it.

Screenshot iPhone 11

Screenshot Iphone 11

If so, now we only need to screenshot what you want on the iPhone 11, how to press the Power Button and Volume Up simultaneously, until a stutter sound appears.

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View your Screenshot Results

Lihat Hasil Screenshot Mu

After that, you can see the results of the screenshot in the Photo application or Gallery on your iPhone. Usually the results will be in the Screenshots folder.


  • iPhone 11

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2. How to Screenshot on Old iPhone (Using Home Button)

Cara Screenshot Di Iphone Lama (memakai Home Button)
How to Screenshot on Old iPhone (Using Home Button) | Pocket-lint

If you’re curious how to take a screenshot on an old series iPhone, it’s actually very simple. The steps themselves are still the same as above, but here we will use the home button.

  • Turn on your iPhone, then press the Power button and the Home button simultaneously until you hear a stuttering sound.
  • You can also take a screenshot on an old iPhone by enabling the Assistive Touch feature. This way, you can take a screenshot with just one touch.

That’s how to screenshot iPhone 11 which is really easy and no different from Android. If you think this article is helpful, don’t hesitate to say it in the comments column!

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