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Here’s How to Register for BSU from Mobile Phone

Through the Ministry of Manpower, the government announced that people with a salary of less than IDR 3.5 million can apply for the BSU 2022 social assistance. BSU registration is very easy, as it can be done via smartphone. Therefore, this time Teknodaim would like to share information about the requirements and tutorials on how to register for BSU Phase 2 in 2022.

According to the information we received, workers who register for BSU will receive an allowance of 600,000 per person. Previously, the Minister of Manpower admitted that he had received data on nearly 2.5 million workers from BPJS Ketenagakerjaan for verification.


How to Register BSU 2022 on Mobile

So what are the requirements for BSU stage 2 beneficiaries and how to register? Then let’s take a look at the requirements and tutorial below.

Eligibility for BSU 2022

Eligibility for Bsu 2022 Assistance
Bsu 2022 Assistance Recipient Requirements | bsu.kemnaker.go.id

Before we discuss the BSU registration tutorial, we must first know the requirements to receive BSU 2022 assistance. Of course, meeting the requirements is very important, so that after you register you can be immediately accepted if the conditions are met.

The following are the requirements for BSU beneficiaries:

  • Indonesian citizen and have an ID card
  • Active participants of BPJS Employment until July 2022
  • The maximum salary/wage is IDR 3.5 million. Workers/labourers who work in areas with UMP/UMK greater than IDR 3.5 million, then the salary requirement becomes at most the UMP/UMK rounded up to the full hundreds of thousands.
  • Not a civil servant. TNI, Police.
  • Never received the pre-employment card program, family hope program and productive assistance for micro businesses,

BSU 2022 Listing Steps

How to Register Bsu 2022 via Mobile
How to Register Bsu 2022 via Mobile Phone | kemnaker.go.id

Now we know the requirements to be a recipient of BSU stage 2 assistance. Now we will discuss how to register for BSU, so how do you do it? Then let’s follow the steps below.

  • First visit the Home site: Ministry of Manpower (kemnaker.go.id) on your mobile phone, laptop or computer.
  • If you don’t have an account, you can register first.
  • Complete the required data such as Name, Mobile Number, BPJS Employment Number, Address and Type of Work.
  • After that, you will also be asked to enter an account number for the distribution of aid.
  • If the data you enter is complete and eligible, the status will say “You are registered as a BSU 2022 recipient candidate”.
  • After verification, the status will change to “You are confirmed as a BSU 2022 recipient”.
  • A donation of 600,000 will be sent directly to the account you registered earlier.

This is the information about the requirements and tutorial on how to register for BSU stage 2 in 2022 via mobile. After reading this article, do you find the tutorial useful? Don’t forget to keep visiting Teknodaim.

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