Correct Red and Blue Photo Pass Code for Job Applicants

    When you want to apply for a job, of course, the color code of the photo pass is needed when taking care of the files. You just need to copy the colour code…

    For those of you who are looking to apply for a job at a company, here is the color code of the photo pass that is definitely indispensable. The problem is that the blue background when taking photos and the red color code when taking photos have different uses.

    How can it be so different? Actually, the difference is not that important and has no effect on your job application. But it’s good to know the meaning of the red colour code in the photo along with the blue colour too!

    • A blue background may be used if you were born in an even-numbered year.
    • A red background may be used if you were born in an odd-numbered year.

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    Here’s the colour code for your background!

    Correct Red and Blue Photo Pass Code for Job Applicants
    Here is the color code for your background! | Teknodaim

    Now that you know the meaning and uses of red and blue for photo passes, here’s the colour code you’ve been waiting for! Make sure you use colors according to your year of birth, as Teknodaim explained above!

    #db1514 Red
    #0b00a3 Blue

    In addition to job applications, the color code above can be used for various other things, such as for identity backgrounds and so on. Not only that, various documents also use the colour code!

    How to apply colour coding to your photo pass

    Buka Situs Pixlr E

    Pertama-tama buka situs Pixlr E terlebih dahulu di perangkat kamu. Disini Teknodaim menggunakan PC untuk membukanya.

    Create New Layer

    Jika sudah, pada halaman pertama nantinya kamu akan melihat berbagai pilihan, dan pilih saja Create New. Setelah itu, pilih ukuran layer yang kamu inginkan, sebagai contoh mimin akan menggunakan 1280×720 px.

    Masukkan Kode Warna Pas Foto yang Kamu Inginkan

    Setelah membuat layer, sekarang kamu perlu memilih Shape seperti yang sudah ditandai difoto, lalu masukkan kode yang kamu inginkan. Sebagai contoh, Teknodaim disini memasukkan kode warna merah pas foto, yaitu #DB1514.

    How to Find Color Code in ImageColorPicker

    If you want the exact colour the company wants for your cover letter, just follow the tutorial below. After picking the colour you want, you can now follow the tutorial above that uses Pixrl E.

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    Correct Red and Blue Photo Pass Code for Job Applicants
    How to Retrieve the Color Code You Want in ImageColorPicker | Teknodaim

    That was the photo pass colour code for those of you who need it. Did this article help you? If yes, don’t hesitate to say it through the comments column, so that Teknodaim is more excited to make other helpful articles for all of you!


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