Top 5 Best Websites to Download Pirated/Cracked Games for PC

As we know, Indonesians are very fond of opening Best Websites to Download Pirated Games. The problem is that gamers prefer to find the free version rather than spending money to buy it officially.

Well, if you are one of those gamers, Teknodaim has 5 pirated game download websites that are still active today. Not only that, even one of the sites below also provides download links without shortlinks.

Top 5 Best Websites to Download Pirated Games for PC

You must be wondering how they make money if the download link is without a shortlink, right? Don’t worry, they have arranged all these things. Apart from that, here’s the review!

1. Ocean of Games

Ocean Of Games
Ocean Of Games | Teknodaim

From then until now, Ocean of Games is the most visited Best Websites to Download Pirated Game by people. The problem is that this site has no ads at all, as they rely more on donations from visitors.

This site itself has a download server that is arguably the best compared to other pirated sites. So, if you are looking for a game that has a large size, you should only download it at Ocean of Games.

2. Ova Games

Ova Games
Ova Games | Dunia Games

Although this game download site called Ova Games has an old-fashioned User Interface or website display, there is actually a reason for that. That is to make users browse more smoothly.

Maybe the server support from Ova Games is not as great as Ocean of Games. But if you’re looking for a pirated game download site that provides old-school games, Ova Games is the solution.

3. Hienzo

Hienzo | Hienzo Web

If you’re looking for a famous Best Websites to Download Pirated Games in Indonesia, Hienzo is definitely it! Because the site has been around for a long time and is often visited by gamers from Indonesia.

Maybe the server is not as good as overseas, but this pirated game download site called Hienzo is guaranteed to provide safe game files, without being infiltrated by viruses.

4. RG Mechanics

Rg Mechanics
RG Mechanics | Victoriana

RG Mechanics is a game download website that often provides anime game intake to its users. Not only that, games like GTA V and the like are also on this site.

What’s more, RG Mechanics also provides game “repacks”, where the file will be much smaller than the original. Therefore, the game you want will be downloaded faster.

5. Skidrow

Skidrow | Skidrowreloaded

This pirated game download site is less well-known, which is why it’s in fifth place. However, if the other sites are down or cannot be opened, you can use this Skidrow.

Those are the Top 5 Best Websites to Download Pirated Games that you must know in 2023. If there are things you want to ask about this article, write in the comments column below!

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