5 Recommended LiveScore Apps to See Full Football Match Results

The best LiveScore apps is a place where you can search or view various scores of ongoing matches. With applications like this you can also see the scores of matches that have long been completed, aka not realtime.

Well, in this article Teknodaim will give you recommendations for the best Live Score Apps or LiveScore sites for you to use for free. Curious what are they? Here’s the review.

5 Best LiveScore Apps 2023

5 Best Livescore Apps 2023
5 Best Livescore Apps 2023

All the best Live Score apps or LiveScore sites below are free and can be used on various devices, such as cellphones, PCs, laptops and the like. What are you waiting for, let’s read!

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1. Google

Aplikasi LiveScore Terbaik, Google
Google | BentengSumbar

As we know, Google is a search engine. So here you can search for anything you want, one of which is the score of a football match or other sports. It’s very easy, just type the match you want and add the word “score” in the column.

2. FlashScore

Aplikasi LiveScore Terbaik, Flashscore
FlashScore | Twitter

FlashScore is the best LiveScore app you can use. This is because of the speed at which they can tell you the realtime score or the current match. In addition, historical scores of matches that have already taken place are also available on this best LiveScore site.

3. LiveScore

LiveScore | Sitejabber

If you think one LiveScore app is not enough, then you need to use the best LiveScore site called LiveScore. Not only does it provide match scores from the English Premier League, Live Score also provides many scores from all over the world, such as the Italian League.

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4. SofaScore

Aplikasi LiveScore Terbaik, Sofascore
SofaScore | Play Store

Although the name of the app is quite strange, this LiveScore app has a feature that lets you see various information about the game. For example, who is the referee and so on.

5. Goal LiveScore

Goal Livescore
Goal LiveScore | Goal

If you are looking for the most accurate LiveScore app, Goal LiveScore is for you. This app provides detailed information about the game, such as shots, passes, attacks and the like.

These are the 5 best LiveScore apps and LiveScore sites that you need to try in 2023. Want more articles like this? Don’t forget to say so in the comments section!

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