How to Reply to Instagram Messages (DM) Simplest and Fastest!

    Are you tired of the old way of replying to Instagram DMs? Relax, now there is a new IG DM reply feature, which is very similar to WhatsApp

    Gini Cara Reply DM Instagram Paling Simpel dan Cepat! | HowtoGeek

    Finally Instagram has provided a feature to reply to messages quickly like on WhatsApp. How to reply to Instagram DM is also very easy, even simpler and faster than on WhatsApp and Messenger.

    Not only that, how to reply to DM IG on this one can also make users continue chatting, because the User Interface (UI) it has is very smooth. It feels like we are typing at 120Hz, even though our HP still has a 60Hz screen.

    How to Reply Instagram DM

    How to Reply to Instagram Messages (DM) Simplest and Fastest!
    How to reply on Instagram DM easily and quickly | Compass

    However, before you can use this latest update for chatting on Instagram, you must update the application first. Simply open the Instagram application, then press the three lines to the right of your Instagram application, and select Update Messaging. If it’s done, restart your application and go ahead, here’s how to reply to messages on Instagram similar to WhatsApp and Messenger.

    That’s how to reply to Instagram DMs that Teknodaim has summarized specifically for all of you. If you think about it, this latest feature from Instagram is more like Messenger than WhatsApp, right?

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    Moreover, the appearance of the latest IG DM reply method is also more similar to Messenger. This should not be surprising, because originally the owner of the two applications is the same company, namely Meta.


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