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Here’s how to delete a story on Facebook very easily

Many people panic when they accidentally upload a story on Facebook without choosing the people they want to see the story. If you are one of those people, just follow how to delete stories on Facebook that Teknodaim has summarized for all of you, from Facebook Lite, Facebook Original and Facebook Website.

Seperti yang mimin katakan dari judulnya, cara menghapus cerita FB ini guampang banget, bahkan kamu yang gaptek saja pasti bisa melakukannya jika mengikuti cara yang ada dibawah ini. Namun, pastikan perangkat kamu memiliki jaringan internet sebelum mengikuti tutorial ini ya!

4 Ways to Delete Stories on Facebook

Berikut 3+ Cara Menghapus Cerita Di Fb
Berikut 3+ Cara Menghapus Cerita di FB | IDN Times

If you already understand our discussion this time, here’s how to delete stories on Facebook using Facebook Lite, Facebook Original or Facebook Website. Let’s jump straight into the tutorial!

How to Delete Stories on Facebook with the App

For this first tutorial, you don’t need to have the latest version of the Facebook app. But to minimize the occurrence of errors, we recommend that you update your Facebook application to the latest version.

Total Time: 1 minute

Open Facebook App

Buka Aplikasi Facebook

First open the Facebook Original or Facebook Lite app on your smartphone. If you don’t have it yet, you can download it through this link.

Press Your Story

Tekan Cerita Kamu

If so, now you need to tap on the Story you want to delete.

Delete Story

Delete Video

After pressing the story you want to delete, press the Three Dots as in the photo, then select Delete Video if your story is in video format or Delete Story if your story is only a photo.


  • Smartphone

Materials: Facebook Original Facebook Lite

2. How to Delete Old FB Stories

If we just deleted a story on FB that has just been sent or has not existed for 24 hours, then now we will delete a story that you have posted for a long time. The method is quite simple, just follow the tutorial below and surely you will succeed in removing it.

  • Open your profile by pressing the Three Lines that have your Profile Icon, then a display will appear like this and press your Facebook account name.
Tap the triple line of your profile icon
Tap the Triple Line of Your Profile Icon | Teknodaim
  • If so, scroll down and tap the story you want to delete right below your Facebook account information. After that, press the Triple Dot like the one in the photo, then select Delete Featured Collection.
Delete Featured Collection
Delete selected collection | Teknodaim

3. How to Delete Stories on FB via Browser

If you’re not using the app, you can also delete Facebook stories using your browser. The method is the same as the others, so you will definitely understand the tutorial below.

  • Open your Facebook account in your browser, then click on the Story you want to delete.
Delete Facebook Stories In Browser
Delete Facebook Stories in Browser | Teknodaim
  • If so, click the Triple Dot as shown in the photo, then select Delete Video.
Delete Video
Delete Video | Teknodaim

4. How to Delete Unsent FB Stories.

This is exactly the same as the first paragraph that we discussed earlier. If you panic, you’ll immediately pull out Facebook or turn off your smartphone, right? Don’t do that, as the story will still be uploaded.

The first thing you need to do is turn off your internet network, then delete the Facebook application data by long-pressing the application, select Application Information then Delete Data.

Clear Facebook App Data
Clear Facebook App Data | Dianisa

those are the 3 ways to delete stories on FB version of Teknodaim. How easy is the tutorial? Also, did you find this tutorial helpful? If so, don’t forget to tell us what you think in the comments section!

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