Accused of being Bjorka’s Hacker, Teenager from Cirebon: It’s Not Me!

As we know, recently it is said that the government has obtained the person suspected to be Bjorka, a teenager from Cirebon who has been visited by many media and TV parties. After receiving this information, Bjorka provided the latest information on the teenager suspected to be him.

In his post on Breached, he says that this is complete nonsense. He felt sorry for the teenager because he was bullied on social media and visited by many online and offline media.

Bjorka, a teenager from Cirebon, is not me
Bjorka says the teenager from Cirebon is not him | Teknodaim

Bjorka clarifies about the teenager from Cirebon

Bjorka also said that perhaps the teenager from Cirebon named Muhammad Said Fikriansyah had been arrested and was being interrogated by the Indonesian government. He also said that it is your fault that the teenager is now being bullied and visited by many media outlets (the ones who posted that Said was Bjorka).

The first person to post Muhammad Said Fikriansyah is the character behind Bjorka, a Twitter user who uses the username Dark Tracer_Int. Through his tweet, he said he had searched for information and various things and strong evidence that Bjorka was actually Muhammad Said Fikriansyah.

Muhammad Said Fikriansyah
Muhammad Said Fikriansyah | Jabar Ekspres

But because Bjorka is not Indonesian, it’s difficult for him to get the latest updates about himself. So when Muhammad Said Fikriansyah was first mentioned as the figure behind Bjorka, he was not immediately able to clarify. That’s why after a few hours or maybe days, Bjorka finally said that the teenager was not him.

Also, hopefully, after this clarification from Bjorka, the teenager from Cirebon, whose name is Muhammad Said Fikriansyah, will no longer be harassed by internet users. Not only that, thanks to this Twitter user named Dark Tracer_Int, we don’t know if Said is happy about his popularity or not.

But one thing is for sure, being bullied is not fun. So, for those of you who bully Said, you should stop doing it now! Because there is an law related to bullying.

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