Selling Kidney to Buy iPhone 14 Goes Viral, Here’s the Facts!

Some time ago Apple released their latest product, the iPhone 14 series. The iPhone is known as a premium phone that has high quality and specifications, but the price of the iPhone is not cheap or expensive. What’s more, the newly released iPhone 14 is certainly an exorbitant price. However, there are some people who are desperate to sell their kidneys for an iPhone 14.

So recently a photo went viral in Thailand, the reason why this photo can go viral is because it shows 3 people posing showing surgical scars in the abdominal area while holding an iPhone 14.


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Desperately Selling Kidney for iPhone 14

Actually, this photo is from a beauty clinic in Laos, and the photo is actually a joke. But when this photo went viral, many people believed that the three people in the photo were willing to sell their kidneys to buy an iPhone 14.

The Thai Red Cross even threatened the content as it could inspire someone to act gallantly in order to buy an iPhone. Lao people themselves know that the content is a joke.

Desperate to Sell Kidney for Iphone 14
Selling Kidney for Iphone 14 |

Now we know that the viral photo turned out to be a joke. But apparently there is a practice of selling kidneys for iPhones, this happened in China in 2015, two young men named Wu and Huang were willing to sell their organs to get an iPhone 6S.

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According to a report from China Daily, Wu and Huang scoured the internet looking for an agent willing to help them arrange the transaction. However, while conducting a kidney examination, Wu rethought his crazy actions, he invited Huang to stop, but Huang still wanted to continue until finally Wu reported Huang to the authorities.

Selling Kidney for Iphone
Selling Kidney for Iphone |

Another case of the phenomenon of selling kidneys for iPhones occurred in China in 2011, there was a young man who was desperate to sell his organs for an iPhone 4. At that time, 17-year-old Xiao Wang wanted to have an iPhone 4 because it would be considered cool at school.

After receiving information that he could live with one kidney, Wang went to a fake hospital to have his kidney removed. According to the hospital’s arbitrator, Wang will live a normal life after a one-week recovery period.

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Unfortunately, the arbitrator’s words were not true, as the hospital did not have proper sanitation and the young man’s surgical wound became infected. In the end, Wang had to undergo treatment for 7 years.

Then the abiters and the fake hospital were dragged to court and Wang’s family was compensated by the hospital.

This is the phenomenon of people desperately selling their kidneys for an iPhone 14. After reading this article and knowing the facts, you should never try to do this dangerous act. Don’t forget to keep visiting Teknodaim.

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