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This is the meaning of the code 03031 that went viral on TikTok!

Recently, there has been another thing that has gone viral on social media, the 03031 TikTok code. Actually, what does the code 03031 mean, why can many TikTok users use it? Is this viral TikTok number “03031” related to vulgarity?

Even though it’s just a number, this is the slang of TikTok kids. The social media user said it’s no good knowing this 03031 TikTok code. The problem is that code 03031 is slang with negative connotations.

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The True Meaning of Code 03031 on TikTok

There are many examples of negative connotations, such as a woman selling herself is called 03031, and if a man posts 03031, it means he is looking for a woman. Yep, just like you think, code 03031 is a communication tool between women and men who want to do something negative together.

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The meaning of code 03031 is not only for the opposite sex, but can be used for the same sex as well. Social media is indeed full of mysteries, there are just thoughts of them using code as a way of communication to do negative things.

The Real Meaning of Code 03031 on TikTok and Vulgar Tiktok Slang
Vulgar TikTok Slang | Indotrends

Apart from that, there are rumors that the 03031 TikTok code is not only for negative things. The meaning of this code 03031 may also be used to refer to the Government Regulation number 03031, which was published in 1990.

Not only that, code 03031 is a number that you can use for anything. So you could say that 03031 is a number that has many meanings, depending on your own thoughts and preferences.

However, Teknodaim wonders why TikTok users use code 03031 as a communication tool to do negative things. From the beginning, mimin did not understand this one application at all.

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After knowing the meaning of code 03031, you should not use this number carelessly! It could be that the person you’re talking to is thinking about something different, not the same as what you have in mind. As Mimin said earlier, you need to remember that the code 03031 itself is a number that has many meanings.

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