That’s why LK21 is the most popular free movie app!

Indonesia is one of the countries with a high appetite for video content sites, including movies from online streaming sites. One of the sites and app services that has gained a lot of enthusiasm is a platform called LK21, LK21XXI and there is also LK21 IndoXXI.

Some sites with similar names are free online movie streaming services whose movie content is sought after by Indonesian movie lovers. Some websites with similar names are free online movie streaming services whose movie content is in high demand among Indonesian movie lovers.

But a few months ago, the Indonesian government made the decision to sweep illegal streaming sites en masse. IndoXXI used to be successful, but they gave up and shut down their own site.

LK21 IndoXXI in Reincarnation Form?

The departure of IndoXXI caused various reactions from Indonesian netizens, many of whom were saddened by this. But it turns out that IndoXXI’s dominance is now replaced by LK21, which is none other than Layarkaca21.

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Although the government has implemented regulations and rules that are more suffocating to illegal businesses of pirated movie viewing sites, there are still many similar services in circulation. Layarkark21 is still successfully mastering the enthusiasm of Indonesian film lovers by presenting various pirated films even for new releases.

The popularity of Lk21 Indoxxi and Lk21xxi By Teknodaim
LK21 New Strategy

LK21 or Layarkaca21 must be busy with changing domains, considering that the government continues to eradicate their domains by blocking them. LK21 itself is not the same site as the owner of IndoXXI, but we can’t say for sure either, as the owner is not obvious.

The reason LK21 IndoXXI Successfully Mastered the Share of Movie Viewers

The popularity of Lk21 Indoxxi and Lk21xxi By Teknodaim
Screenshot Alexa Rank LK21

In terms of popularity and the number of visitors, viewers or subscribers, LK21 is still at the top. Even from the Alexa website data, it appears that one of their websites has seen a very large increase in traffic.

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If there is a question that reads, why the LK21 IndoXXI site is the most hit site and gets a lot of users, there are quite a lot of answers. The most important thing, of course, is that LK21 provides movie content that viewers can enjoy for free without having to pay subscription fees and the like.

In the midst of the storm that continues to hit the illegal pirated film business, LK21 has implemented a new strategy that is quite massively successful. What are they? Check it out:

  • Inserting Adult Content or Movies (Semi Porn*)
  • Released a Mobile (Android) app version of their service
  • Published their service via Google Chrome Extension
  • Exposing their sites with a dozen different domains

The most effective tactic that LK21 IndoXXI applies is probably to always have more than one backup site with different domains. Furthermore, they also have a mobile version of the service that viewers can access through their Android app.

The popularity of Lk21 Indoxxi and Lk21xxi By Teknodaim
LK21 Illegal Sites with Various Domains
Kepopuleran LK21 Indoxxi dan LK21XXI by Teknodaim
LK21 Artificial App

But there is one equally important aspect that makes Indonesian pirated movie goers always remember LK21 as the most suitable service. What is it?

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IndoXXI’s LK21 Content Ammo

Apart from implementing the strategies that Teknodaim’s writers mentioned earlier, one of the main reasons why LK21 was able to come out on top was the content. Not only does LK21 offer a free movie watching service, it also has a relatively complete movie inventory, even more complete than some paid services.

Even worse, the movies presented on the site or what they call LK21 cinemas have quality variants ranging from quota-saving standards to HD and even Bluray.

As such, it’s no wonder that sites like LK21XXI and its siblings can still exist to make a few bucks from their illegal business. In fact, they have started to triumph from the beginning using com, tv, dgital, etc. domains until they changed to using IP address domains.

Kepopuleran LK21 Indoxxi dan LK21XXI by Teknodaim 1 2
One of the LK21 Indoxxi sites that uses the IP address domain

For your information, the LK21 IndoXXI site debuted more or less about 5-6 years ago. At that time, there were still so many competitors of LK21XXI and its siblings, even they were still using just one fixed domain.

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Similar sites often promote their services to forums including Facebook groups, and they are even willing to buy groups. At that time they relied on film sources like Ganool.

Maybe the 90s are very familiar with Ganool, a movie download site that was very popular in the P2P sharing era or more popularly known as Torrent. At that time, Torrent was a file-sharing hub, and pirated movies were easy to download. Even back then, many pirated DVD producers used Torent as their content source.

What does LK21 Indoxxi Get?

When discussing what benefits LK21 IndoXXI and its siblings get, the answer is definitely cuan or money. This is evidenced by the number of ads and banners that appear on their site, top banners, sides and even pop-ups when we click carelessly on the site.

Each advertisement and its size has a different selling value, they set a price that they have determined to advertisers who place promotional advertisements. Well sites like this will not be far from gambling ads, porn ads, illegal things and the like.

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Even back in the day, doing business with illegal movie streaming services was very profitable. But it’s going to be tough for newbies this time around, as the government has moved quickly to crack down on illegal movie sites.

While on the one hand illegal movie sites earn a lot of money, on the other hand, creators, producers or filmmakers will get a lot of losses without realizing it. This is because people would rather wait for piracy than pay to watch it.

Hopefully, we won’t have to rely on pirated movie sites. By watching and buying services to watch official or legal movies, we also indirectly support the film industry so that it can continue to run properly.

If you have any feedback about this Teknodaim writer’s writing, please write it in the comments column. Maybe you have something to ask about LK21XXI, or a separate opinion.

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