10 New iOS 16 Features that may Change How User use Their iPhones

As we know, the iPhone 14 is officially being released and later the latest smartphone will use iOS 16. Because of this huge hype, many people are wondering about the features of iOS 16 that will be applied to the iPhone 14.

Believe it or not, iOS 16 has tons of new features that were’nt in the previous version of iOS. People even say that iOS 16 is the best operating system ever made by Apple.

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Here’s a List of the Most Complete iOS 16 Features

If it is said to be Apple’s best operating system, surely you are curious about how great iOS 16 is, right? If so, here’s the most comprehensive list of the latest iOS 16 features for you fans of Apple products!

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1. Apple PayLater

iOS 16 Features, Apple Paylater
Apple Paylater | iPhonesider

The most interesting iOS 16 feature is Apple PayLater, where you can pay for your order later. Surely we all know about PayLater, because in Indonesia itself there are many people who use features like this from party applications when.

2. LockScreen Modification

Lockscreen Modification
Lock Screen Modification | Google

This iOS 16 feature might be something that iPhone users will be proud of. The problem is that this feature does not exist in previous versions of iOS and only exists on Android-based smartphones.

But unlike on Android, the LockScreen modification feature in iOS 16 is much better. Where you can change the design of the clock and date faces, as well as add widgets as you like.

3. Edit Message

iOS 16 Feature, Edit Message
Edit Message | MainMain

Believe it or not, this feature is pretty cool because you can edit messages that have been sent up to 15 minutes later. This iOS 16 feature only applies to the iPhone’s native app, iMessage.

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4. Cancel Message

Cancel Message
Cancel Message | Apple

If we just discussed editing a message that has been sent, now it’s time to discuss the opposite, namely canceling a message that has been sent. Indeed, this iOS 16 feature is quite annoying for those who get the message. But this only applies if it is sent up to 15 minutes later.

5. Passkey

iOS 16 Feature, Key Pass
Passkey | Apple

This feature, called PassKeys, allows users to log in to their accounts with Face ID or Touch ID. It is still unknown what kind of login is being referred to, but it is explained that this feature applies to accounts on various websites.

6. Live Text

Live Text
Live Text | Apple

Live Text is a feature that allows users to copy text from a paused video, such as on YouTube and the like. Reportedly Live Text can also still do other things, hence the name.

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7. iCloud Photo Sharing

Icloud Photo Sharing
iCloud Photo Sharing | Apple

Not only storing but also sharing photos with other users is now possible with iCloud. With this feature of iOS 16, you can create a gallery there and then add up to 5 members who can edit the content of the gallery.

8. Sending Scheduled Emails

iOS 16 Feature, Sending Scheduled Emails
Sending Scheduled Emails | Apple

Maybe email is rarely used in 2022, but Apple doesn’t care and keeps adding new innovations. This feature of iOS 16 allows users to send emails on a scheduled basis and replace them whenever the user wants.

9. Safari Shared Tab Group

Safari Shared Tab Group
Safari Shared Tab Group | Apple

If you think Safari is a bad browser, think again with the Safari Shared Tab Group feature. As the name suggests, this function allows you to share the open tab with other users. Note that this feature can only be used on Apple devices!

10. Hand-Off FaceTime

iOS 16 Features, Hand Off Facetime
Hand-Off FaceTime | Apple

This latest feature of iOS 16 allows users to move an ongoing FaceTime call to another device. Examples include MacBooks, iPads, or perhaps other Apple devices.

These are the 10 newest iOS 16 features that may already exist on Android. But even so, it’s certainly a proud thing for iPhone users. You see, in the previous version, many things were restricted, such as Lock Screen modifications.