Hackers Claim to have Uncovered secret documents of Indonesian president

After uncovering various important data from Indonesia, this time hackers claim he managed to leak the secret documents of Jokowi, the current president of Indonesia. The person who leaked this document calls himself Bjorka.

He leaked important Indonesian data to “he said” to help the people because the government in Indonesia according to him was very chaotic. For this reason, he leaked various things like SIM registration details, KTP, KK, and much more.

Samples of Jokowi's Secret Documents Leaked by Hackers | Johnny G. Plate
Johnny G. Plate | Tribun

But despite this revelation, Bjorka eventually came to believe that the Indonesian government is not only messy but also broken. For example, when Johhny G. Plate as Minister of Communication and Information (kominfo) told Bjorka not to attack and leak their data.

Hackers revealed Jokowi’s Secret Documents

Regardless, Jokowi’s own secret document sample contains important data. It contains mail transactions from 2019 – 2021 as well as documents sent to the president including a collection of letters sent by the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) that are labeled confidential. Here’s a sample of the leaked documents:

  • First, a letter titled ‘confidential letter to the president in a sealed envelope’ with the sender State Intelligence Agency (BIN) and the recipient RI-1.
  • Second, a ‘confidential letter to the Minister of State Secretary in a sealed envelope’ with the sender being the State Intelligence Agency.
  • Third, ‘Request for Snack’ from the Head of Protocol and Administration.
  • Fourth, ‘Request for Support for Facilities and Equipment’, sent to the Head of the Education and Training Centre.
  • Fifth, ‘Rehearsal and Implementation of the Flag Ceremony on the Commemoration of the 74th Anniversary of the Proclamation of Independence of the Republic of Indonesia in 2019, with the objective of the Head of the Administration Bureau.
  • Sixth, ‘Request for Hearing to the Minister of State Secretary to Express Views and Ideas Regarding the Establishment of the Correctional Agency and the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Financing Agency. Numbered 1376/S.Sesmen/07/2019, this letter was sent by the Secretary of the Ministry of State Secretariat.
  • Seventh, ‘Pick up the Inspector of Ceremony to Commemorate the 74th Anniversary of the Proclamation of Independence of the Republic of Indonesia in 2019 within the Ministry of State Secretariat and Cabinet Secretariat’. The letter is numbered M-65/TU/TU.00.04/07/2019, and the sender is the Head of the Administrative Office.
  • Eighth, ‘Dismissal from Administrator Position and Appointment in Primary High Leadership Position within the Ministry of State Secretariat’ number M-730/SDM/KP.01.02/07/2019, with the sender of the Head of Human Resources Bureau.
  • Ninth, ‘Appointment of Plh. Deputy for Law and PUU Dated 2 to 9 August 2019 a.n. HS, S.H., M.H.’, numbered 1776/M.Sesmen/08/2019, with the sender Secretary of the Ministry of State Secretariat.

BIN spokesman Wawan Purwanto said that the hacker exposed Jokowi’s secret documents as a hoax. He said the BIN documents are securely controlled, encrypted in multiple layers, and all documents use pseudonyms. What’s more, he also said that the document comes with a password that changes every time, to avoid leaking important data.

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