Again, Hackers Leaked Our President’s Data!

According to Kominfo, this time hackers spied on our president’s data and released it via the Breached forum. The leaked data itself is arguably important because it contains old and new presidential documents.

The size of the leaked file itself is 189 MB with a total of 679180 important documents entered in CSV format. The contents of the folder include transaction letters and documents sent to the president by the National Intelligence Agency.

Bjorka Leaks the Data of the President of the Republic of Indonesia
Bjorka Leaks the Data of the President of the Republic of Indonesia

Hackers Leak President’s Data, Netizens: Keep going Bjorka!

Believe it or not, but many Indonesian netizens are laughing about this. They even asked Bjorka, the hacker who leaked the president’s data, to expose the crimes of the Indonesian government so far.

Examples of crimes include who is corrupt but not made public, crimes committed by presidents and so on. Anyway, Indonesian netizens have nothing to say about the government.

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Although there are netizens who support Bjorka, there are certainly also Indonesians who think that Bjorka is not helping us at all. They said he was a bad guy who stole the personal data of Indonesians. So, even if he wants to do good, he is still considered evil because of what he has done before.

As we know, before hackers leaked the president’s data, Bjorka also leaked important data in Indonesia, such as SIM registration data, Indihome and PLN. Not only that, Bjorka also said that he would leak important MyPertamina data to help the Indonesian people.

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It is still unknown how Bjorka can help the Indonesian people if he just leaked important data from MyPertamina. Will the price of fuel go down, or will we find out important things like the price of fuel actually went up because of a monopoly.

Hackers leak the President's data, Bjorka wants to leak Mypertamina's data
Bjorka Wants to Leak MyPertamina Data | Lambe Hardware PC

Before we know the result, it’s better to wait for what Bjorka’s next step is. Hopefully he does not leak data that makes people miserable, such as NIK, KK, KTP, Email and the like. Because after Bjorka leaked the people’s important data, many people were angry with him.