Don’t search for Goncalo Ramos on Twitter, your eyes will be tarnished!

    Masturbation video suspected of being Goncalo Ramos, who is one of Cristiano Ronaldo’s coating star players, went viral on Twitter…

    Video Goncalo Ramos Viral

    Video Goncalo Ramos Viral

    Recently there was very surprising news from one of the Portuguese stars who also became a substitute for Cristiano Ronaldo’s position. Because he has been famous on social media with a masturbation video in a hotel room.

    It is believed that the video resembles Ramos. Many social media users even believe that the video is Goncalo Ramos committing this shameful act.

    Cristiano Ronaldo’s substitute vs Switzerland yesterday recorded a video of himself masturbating on his phone. But many of the football supporters did not believe it was a video of Ramos masturbating or wanking.

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    Goncalo Ramos video goes viral on Twitter

    Don’t search for Goncalo Ramos on Twitter, your eyes will be tarnished!
    Goncalo Ramos goes viral on Twitter

    In the video, there was an upload on Ramos’ Story @goncaloramos88. This makes netizens even more convinced of Ramos’ perverted video.

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    The action also received a lot of criticism from netizens after being highlighted as having done a hat trick at the 2022 world cup.

    One of the players from the Benfica club has now closed his Instagram comments column. This makes the assumption of the public that Ramos’ masturbation video is true.

    So are you one of the people who have searched for the keyword Goncalo Ramos on Twitter? If you have seen it, what do you think about the video, is it really a video of Ramos pervert Portuguese player?

    But for those who haven’t seen it yet, Teknodaim doesn’t think you need to search for those keywords on Twitter. Because your eyes will be tainted with the recorded perverted action.

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