The difference between e-SIM and regular SIM card, which one is better?

A few days ago Apple released their latest product, the iPhone 14 series, what’s interesting about this phone is that the iPhone 14 series is not equipped with a SIM Card. But using e-SIM. The use of e-SIM makes the iPhone 14 series the first iPhone without a SIM card. So this time Teknodaim wants to share information about the differences between e-SIM and ordinary SIM cards.

According to the information we got so far, the devices that support the use of e-SIM are iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and the Apple Watch smartwatch. Of course, e-SIM technology has advantages and disadvantages over regular SIM cards.


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Here’s the Difference between e-SIM and Regular SIM Card

So what are the differences between an e-SIM and a regular SIM card? Then let’s see the full discussion below.

1. What is e-SIM?

What is an E Sim
What is an E Sim |

Let’s first discuss what an e-SIM is. So e-SIM or embedded SIM Card technology is a module that is permanently embedded in the HP motherboard. The e-SIM has no physical form and cannot be removed like a regular SIM card.

Instead, users can simply scan a barcode to activate the e-SIM on the phone. Now for the shape, the e-SIM has a very small shape, even smaller than a Nano SIM Card.

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2. Disadvantages of e-SIM

Disadvantages of E Sim | Difference between e-SIM and SIM Card
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The first difference between e-SIM and regular SIM cards is that the use of e-SIM is simpler and easier. But behind this convenience, there is a drawback, namely when users want to switch phones.

Because e-SIM is permanently embedded in the smartphone component, so users who want to switch smartphone cannot simply unplug the e-SIM. Another drawback is the limited availability. This is because there are still not many mobile operators that are currently using e-SIM.

3. Availability of e-SIM

E Sim Availability | Difference between e-SIM and SIM Card
E Sim Availability |

The most prominent difference between e-SIM and SIM Card is the limited availability of e-SIM. Therefore, e-SIM users are still small compared to regular SIM cards. Now in Indonesia, Smartfren is the first mobile operator to offer prepaid e-SIMs.

Actually, this e-SIM technology has been known since the iPhone X was released. Initially, the iPhone was the only phone supported by Smartfren’s e-SIM. But after the release of the iPhone 14 series, it seems like all mobile operators in Indonesia will make use of e-SIM technology.

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These are the differences between an e-SIM and a regular SIM card. After reading this article and knowing what e-SIM is, do you think e-SIM or regular SIM Card is better? Don’t forget to keep visiting Teknodaim.

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