When will iPhone 14 be released in Indonesia? Let’s take a look at the schedule!

Currently Apple Indonesia has displayed the iPhone 14 Series on their website. Because of this, many people are wondering when the iPhone 14 will be released in Indonesia, even though Apple Indonesia has already showcased the product on the main page of their website.

Actually, the answer to this question is very simple, just make the global release date a benchmark for the release of the iPhone 14 in Indonesia. Because usually after the global release of their products, Apple will release the product a week or two later.

Apple Indonesia Website Showcases Iphone 14 Series
Apple Indonesia Website Showcases Iphone 14 Series | Teknodaim

There are even products released by Apple after one month for Indonesia. This is understandable, because there are still no official Apple stores in Indonesia, so that’s why Apple products are often delayed in their release in Indonesia.

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iPhone 14 Releases in Indonesia Soon

But don’t worry about when the iPhone 14 will be released in Indonesia, because reportedly the inside has provided stock that will be sent to Indonesia. You can buy these products at iBox, e-Commerce or the official website of Apple Indonesia.

Although it has been leaked that the iPhone 14 will be released in Indonesia in the near future, unfortunately it is still unknown what version will be released here later. Is it all versions, such as iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max?

For the exact news, we can only wait from iBox or the official Apple Indonesia website. After finding out information that is not just a rumor, Teknodaim will let you know later.

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Oh yes, besides the iPhone 14 Series, there is also the latest hero from Apple which will be released in Indonesia, the latest Airpods Pro. Although this is just a rumor, reportedly the Ear-in product is the best product compared to the iPhone 14 tablets.

Airpods Pro
Airpods Pro | Apple

People say the iPhone 14 is just a recycling of the iPhone 13 Pro. There’s nothing to brag about on this iPhone 14, apart from its “new” features like Dynamic Island, SOS and the like.

According to Mimin, the criticism has a point, because since the release of the iPhone 11 Series, Apple has only continued to recycle up to the iPhone 14 Series. There are no significant differences, except for their powerful chipset, the Bionic.

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