The State Hunts Bjorka, But How Come Citizens Are Arrested?

Currently, the country is on the hunt for Bjorka, a hacker who is currently being talked about for exposing the mastermind of the murder of Munir along with important government data. However, it can be said that starting this hunt was a very wrong step, because in fact it was not Bjorka who was caught, but local residents who were caught.

Although the government said the Indonesian citizen had a relationship with Bjorka, it was still the wrong move. Given that Bjorka himself is not an Indonesian citizen, catching people related to Bjorka will always be wrong in the eyes of internet users.

The State Hunts Bjorka, Citizens Become Targets

The state hunts Bjorka, the citizens become targets
The State Hunts Bjorka, Citizens Become Targets | Disway

Moreover, the government had previously arrested a 21-year-old man with the initials MAH in Madiun, East Java. The Police Headquarters Cyber Team said that MAH was first suspected to be Bjorka. However, the young man finally admitted that he was not Bjorka, and only sold the hacker’s Telegram channel.

First of all, the police did not believe that MAH was telling the truth. But the evidence became stronger when MAH’s house was investigated, and it turned out that he was just a street ice seller who didn’t know anything about hacking nor did he own a computer.

Previously, there were also other residents who were mistaken for the figure behind Bjorka, namely a 17-year-old teenager named Muhammad Said Fikriansyah who lives in Cirebon. You can read the discussion about this teenager through the link provided.

After that, there is still no information about who Bjorka really is and where he lives. In fact, until now Bjorka’s account on the Breached website is still online and so is his Telegram channel.

Bjorka Mocks the Indonesian Government

Bjorka's Message to Indonesia
Bjorka’s Message to Indonesia | Kompas

Not only that, the deeper the country hunts Bjorka, the deeper these hackers will leak important state data. He even said that the Indonesian government was very stupid, because it believed in false information, one of which was from a Twitter user named Dark Tracer.

In his Telegram channel, Bjorka sent a message mocking the government. Where he sent various GIFs regarding information that the Indonesian government was hunting him. Not only that, Bjorka also left a message for Dark Tracer: you idiot!

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