ASUS Releases ROG Strix GT15, the PC People Want!

ASUS has finally released their latest PC gaming setup, the ROG Strix GT15. Although it is said to be a setup, unfortunately for this version you only get a PC, no monitor, keyboard or mouse.

Even so, there is good value in this shortcoming, where users can choose which monitor, keyboard, mouse or headset to buy. So there you have it, with disadvantages come advantages!

ROG Strix GT15 Uses Stealth Style Design

Rog Strix Gt15 Uses Stealth Style Design
ROG Strix GT15 Uses Stealth Style Design | sec

In addition, the design of the ROG Strix GT15 is arguably too aesthetic, because there is no RGB (adjustable) frills, although there is, it is only a little bit, such as on the casing. ASUS itself says that this one design option is called Stealth Style.

Not only is the design aesthetic, the hardware used in this PC is also very aesthetic, such as the use of the RTX 3070 VGA paired with the i7-12700KF processor. For the full specifications of this gaming PC itself, you can see below.

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ChipsetIntel B560
VGAGTX1650 4GB – RTX 3070 8GB DDR6
RAMDDR4-3200MHz 16GB – 64GB (4 Slots)
Memori512GB NVMe & 1TB HDD
Operating SystemWindows 10 Pro
ConnectionLAN and WiFi 6 Dual Band
ROG Strix GT15 Specifications

With these specifications and experience, ASUS values this gaming PC at Rp 33,699,000. Do you think the price is reasonable? According to Mimin, it’s normal, considering that now many product prices are rising.

Moreover, this is the price for the highest gaming PC of the GT15 series. The price of the lowest-spec GTX1650 4GB and 16GB RAM is still unknown. However, from the specifications, it is most likely below Rp 10 Millions.

G15cf 1270kf036w
G15CF-1270KF036W | Amazon

If you want to see a photo gallery of the ROG Strix GT15, just click this link! You can also watch a video review or B-roll of ASUS’ latest gaming PC on YouTube. In addition, ASUS also reportedly has another gaming PC that rivals the GT15, the G15CF-1270KF036W.

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