Apple paid USD 44 Hundred Thousand for this iPhone 14 feature!

    Ternyata ini fitur iPhone 14 yang jarang digunakan, namun dibayar Rp 6,9 Trilliun oleh Apple loh! Penasaran? Simak pembahasan berikut ini.

    Apple Bayar Rp 6,9 Trilliun untuk Fitur iPhone 14 Ini Loh! | SlashGear

    Who would have thought, Apple actually paid Rp 6.9 trillion for an iPhone 14 feature that will rarely be used, namely Emergency SOS! As claimed by Apple, the feature is useful for calling for help via satellite connection.

    So, users of these phones do not need to worry if they are trapped or in an emergency in the middle of nowhere where there is no telephone network. Because they can immediately use the Emergency SOS feature which will send a signal via satellite to the authorities to help the user.

    Apple paid USD 44 Hundred Thousand for this iPhone 14 feature!
    Fitur iPhone 14, Emergency SOS | Apple

    In more detail, the way Emergency SOS works is quite complicated, when a user uses the feature, the iPhone will contact one of 24 Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites. After that, there will be various processes later, such as connecting to terminals spread across various countries so that the authorities can connect with you.

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    Fitur iPhone 14 Dibiayai oleh Advanced Manufacturing Fund

    Reportedly, this latest iPhone 14 feature is financed by Apple’s Advanced Manufacturing Fund. Since it was first released, AMF has helped a lot in the field of assembly, especially in the United States.

    Even though the Advanced Manufacturing Fund funds at that time were only 1 billion dollars, the cost of the Emergency SOS feature alone was around 450 million dollars. Moreover, there are also other companies from Apple that share these funds. So, it’s still quite surprising how they can work with such tight funds.

    However, we still don’t know whether the Advanced Manufacturing Fund only receives funding from Apple or not. It is likely that as a company familiar with the US government, AMF has other sources of funding.

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    In addition, Apple said that the Rp 6.9 trillion was not only to enable the iPhone 14 feature, but to upgrade satellite networks and terminals as well. That way, all iPhone 14 users around the world can enjoy this Emergency SOS feature.

    Apple paid USD 44 Hundred Thousand for this iPhone 14 feature!
    iPhone 14 Feature, Notruf SOS |

    The terminal for this feature is reportedly equipped with an antenna manufactured by Cobham Satcom. There is no doubt about the company’s products, as many companies work with them regarding antenna production, especially those related to this Emergency SOS.

    Regardless, Apple says that this iPhone 14 feature will begin operating at the end of November. So for those of you iPhone 14 users who are wondering why the Emergency SOS feature cannot be used, maybe this is the reason!

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