Tired of the Android look? Here are 7 Free iPhone Theme Apps

Tired of the same old phone display? You can change the look of your phone by using a theme app so that the look of your phone changes. Theme or Launcher is one of the systems that can change the appearance of the phone according to the user’s taste. Therefore, this time Teknodaim wants to share a list of free iPhone theme applications.

As we know the iPhone is an expensive smartphone, considering the iPhone is expensive, of course, many smartphone users want to try the iPhone display. The theme we are going to discuss can be used by iOS or Android users.


Here’s a Free and Cool iPhone Theme App

So what are some popular free themes or launcher apps? Take a look at the following list

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1. Phone X Launcher

Phone X Launcher
Phone X Launcher |

The first iPhone theme app is Phone X Launcher. This one application is quite popular among smartphone users, because it has a minimalist but still luxurious appearance, so new users have no trouble.

Moreover, there are also some features that make this launcher not boring, namely wallpapers, screen animations, and other unique personalizations. Then some themes in this app users download for free.

2. Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher
Apex Launcher |

The next iPhone theme app is Apex Launcher. For those of you who don’t know, this one app is the most widely used theme app by iOS and Android users. Android Does Team is the one who developed this launcher.

The reason why this launcher is popular is because it provides a fairly complete theme. Users can also download themes for free, but there are some annoying ads in this app.

3. Launcher iPhone Android

Launcher Iphone Android
Launcher Iphone Android |

The next iPhone theme app is Launcher iPhone Android. This one application also has many users, the reason why many use this application, because this application has good quality.

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In addition, this launcher is equipped with Priority Apps, Smart Folders to Mobile Search to provide an attractive appearance. This launcher also provides quite complete and free themes.

4. Phone X Launcher and Phone 8

Phone X Launcher And Phone 8
Phone X Launcher And Phone 8 |

Then there is the Phone X Launcher Und Phone 8. Now this one application is a launcher application that has many choices and a friendly appearance. Since this launcher has many cute themes, it is suitable for women.

Phone X Launcher and Phone 8 has a variety of download options, namely wallpapers and phone themes of more than 500 choices. This app is also very small and lightweight, so it won’t make your phone heavy.

5. Before Launcher

Before Launcher
Before Launcher |

The next iPhone theme app is Before Launcher. In accordance with the discussion, this one launcher is an application that prioritizes the appearance of minimalist themes with the aim that users can beautify their phones.

The display provided by this application is only a layout or colored background and text that users can set. In addition, this launcher also has a feature to reduce the appearance of notifications, so that users can focus on studying or working.

6. CM Launcher 3D 5.0

Cm Launcher 3d 5.0
Cm Launcher 3d 5.0 |

The next iPhone theme app is CM Launcher 3D 5.0. For those of you who are looking for a cool iPhone theme, you must try this one app. This launcher offers a unique 3D animated wallpaper display.

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In this application, users can also find more than 10,000 themes that can be used on iPhone or Android. As per the previous point, you can download the theme for free, but there will be some annoying ads.

7. iOS Launcher 13

Ios Launcher 13
Ios Launcher 13 |

Last but not least is iOS launcher 13. For those of you who don’t know, this one application can be used for various smartphones, so iPhone and Android can use this launcher. In addition, this application has several interesting features such as the app drawer, 3D Touch wallpaper and many others.

These are the free and cool iPhone launchers or themes. After reading this article and seeing the list, which theme or launcher do you like to use? Don’t forget to keep visiting Teknodaim.

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