Download script Mobile Legends ML Terbaru 2023

As we know, now there are a lot of Scripts Mobile Legends that have sprung up, especially in 2023. The problem is that with this script, players can use all skins for free.

It is still unknown whether scripts like this are prohibited by Moonton or not, because we only add files to the game, not cheats. So, before using the Mobile Legends ML Script below, make sure you know the consequences!

Script Mobile Legends ML 2023

Script Mobile Legends Ml Terbaru 2023
Latest Script Mobile Legends 2023 | Republika

Also, since it’s just a script file, other people in the game won’t be able to see the skin you’re using. So, the effects and such will only be visible to you. Apart from that, here is the download link for the Mobile Legends ML Script that you have been waiting for!

Script Mobile Legends ML icon

Script Mobile Legends ML

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This is a script file that can make players open all skins in the game, but can only be seen by the user.


If you don’t know how to use this skin script, check out the tutorial below.

Total Time: 3 minutes

  1. Copy File Script Mobile Legends ML

    Salin File Script Mobile Legends Ml

    If you have downloaded this script, open the File Manager application then search for the script you downloaded earlier, usually located in the Download Folder. If you find it, copy all the contents of the file.

  2. Move the File

    Pindahkan Filenya

    If so, Paste the contents into your Mobile Legends folder, located at Android > DATA > > files > dragon > assets > documents > Android. After that, open the Mobile Legends game and check whether the script has been saved or not.


  • Android Phone
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Materials: Script ML

Can the script cause lagging?

If you think about it, actually this can happen, because we force to insert the Mobile Legends ML Script into the system file. If you experience lagging or the game can’t be opened, try deleting the script file that you moved earlier.

That was the script Mobile Legends that can make players use all the skins in the game. If there are questions you want to ask about this article, write in the comments column below!

Also, make sure you use this script with a smurf or backup account, to see if it’s banned or not. The problem is that Moonton itself prohibits messing with the game system files, so understand that first!

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