10 PES Game Tricks 2020/2021/2022 For PS, Laptop and PC

PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) game is certainly familiar, especially for fans of soccer games. PES game tricks are of course the best solution for those of you who lose regularly when playing. PES or Pro Evolution Soccer is a soccer game that has long been present and developed by Konami since the 2000s and is still popular today.

Every year, Konami always releases the latest version of this soccer game. that way this Pro Evolution Soccer game can be said to be still much hunted by its players. PES games are played from young people to old people on various platforms such as PS 2, PS 3, PS 4, PC, and so on.

For you new players who want to play PES, there are 2 important things that you must master in this game owned by Konami. The first point is the trick of playing PES, the second point is the most balanced formation for attack and defense in organizing this game strategy.

Pes Game Tricks
Pes Game Tricks

Maybe some of you are very fond and very often play PES games with your friends, but if you keep losing then you need to know the legends pes 2021 tricks that Teknodaim shares.

By mastering the PES game tricks that Teknodaim shares below, you can easily beat your friends. In addition, you can also confidently participate in tournaments held where you live.

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eFootball PES 2020

Now for those who are low budget, and have an Android smartphone. You can already play this PES 2020 eFootball game.


PES Tips & Tricks that must be mastered to win continuously


Well, here are 10 tips and tricks for the PES 2020/2021/2022/2023 game, you can use these tips and tricks when playing on your PS & Laptop or PC. Let’s follow the steps that Teknodaim has provided below.

1. Dribbling Technique

Trik Pes 2022
Pes 2022 Tricks

Dribbling technique is the first PES game trick that you must master. You need to know how to dribble properly and accurately. The beginning of the creation of an opportunity is of course created by your success dribbling the ball forward.
the ball forward.

Practicing in training mode to master player movements precisely and accurately is what Teknodaim recommends you to do often. Not only that, there are also some tricks for those of you who want to outwit your opponent. By mastering this first trick, of course this is a big influence on how adept you are at reading the situation in the enemy’s defense later.

Here are some tricks and tips on the button mechanism for dribbling:

  • Rainbow Flick, while running, press R3 (right analog) 2 times.
  • Cross-over Turn, Before doing this skill, players must have the Cross-over Turn skill first. Because not all players can, you can simply move the right and left analog movements when dribbling.
  • Backhell Feint, Hold L2, rotate ¼ circle of the right analog from left to up and the left analog from left to down.
  • Ball Roll 1,press and hold L2, then point the analog to the right side downwards.
  • Ball Roll 2, press and hold L2, then point the right analog down and then up.
  • Bergkamp Flick, when the ball comes hold R3, point the left analog in the desired direction.
  • Heel Chop, press and hold the L2 button + point the right analog up and the left analog up.
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2. Free Kick Technique

Trik Pes 2022 Ps4
Pes 2022 Ps4 Tricks

The second trick is the free-kick which is the position when getting a reward in a crucial area. You will be able to change the course of the game by simply mastering this trick.

Playing some famous players who often score from free kicks also has a huge impact on the success percentage of your game.

Here are some tricks and tips on the button mechanism for Free Kick:

  • Control the direction of the ball kick, then press L1+Upward direction. Then press the square before the player kicks the ball followed by pressing the triangle button so that the ball will be able to aim strongly towards the top corner.
  • Press and hold the down direction, then press the box until the kick force is approximately half a bar, then release the down direction and quickly press the X+Wanted Ball Direction button.
  • Press the R1 and L1 Buttons simultaneously.
  • Control the direction of the ball kick, then press L1 and Down, then click the box before the player kicks the ball. Then press the X button so that the ball can be aimed strongly towards the bottom corner.
  • Choose the player with the highest kicking accuracy to take the free kick.

3.Tips for Penalty Shot

Pes Penalty Tutorial
Pes Penalty Tutorial

The third PES game tips and tricks are when taking a penalty kick, you can immediately press the box button quickly then release. When the player is near the position of the ball to be kicked, you just press the direction button up or down until the player kicks the ball into the opponent’s goal.

4. Crossing Technique

Efootball Crossing Tutorial
Efootball Crossing Tutorial

The technique that you must master in the next PES game is passing the ball. The flow of the ball will run smoothly towards the final third of our enemy area, of course, created by a good pass.

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Well, to make the right pass, you certainly have to look for a free player position. The thing you have to avoid is avoiding the slow flow of the ball when it is in the opponent’s reach or too far from the player.

These are some of the basic button mechanics for a precise and accurate cross:

  • If you just want to do the basic feed as usual, you can simply press X.
  • To make a bounce pass upwards, you only need to press O 1X.
  • If you want to give a hull pass in a horizontal direction. just press the O button 3X.
  • To give feedback to a friend, press the Triangle button.
  • To pass a through ball to a teammate, press the L1+Triangle keys.

5. One-Two Passing Tricks

Pes One Two Passing Tutorial
Pes One Two Passing Tutorial

Next you need to master the PES game trick “Pass the Ball”.
One-Double Passing. You can use the technique by making double passes to teammates to overtake the opposing team.

You can press the X+L1 button to perform one-two passing, but don’t forget to direct the direction of the pass to be given.

Do this repeatedly so that a one-two pass pattern is created, and you can pass your opponent by mastering these tricks and tips.

6. Dribbling and Dribbling Tricks

Trik Dan Tips Pes 2022
Pes 2022 Tricks and Tips

The sixth PES game trick is the Dribbling and Dribbling Trick for your opponent. Here’s the trick:

  • Diving, Press the buttonR1 + R2 + L1 + L2 + L3 + R3.
  • Performs a tap tap double touch gyration, Press R3 ↓ →→ L3 or you can change the down direction to the up direction.
  • Flap Back, Press the button R3 L3↘↗ → or it could be ↘ → R3 L3, while dribbling.
  • Performing Fricks or Tricks, press and hold R3, then connect to our team’s other players.
  • Performing an Elevator Run (Stair Step), press and hold the L3 and R3 buttons and direct the steps, while dribbling.
  • Pressuring the opponent, press the R2 button, Next, when facing an opponent, press R1 and R3 together.
  • Long Feed Lofting, simply press and hold the R2 button, followed by pressing the O button.
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7. Winning Heading Techniques when Grabbing the Ball in the Air

Efootball Heading Tutorial
Efootball heading tutorial

The next PES game trick is a technique so that you can win Heading when fighting for the ball in the air with opposing players. When your player will receive the ball from an opponent or friend in the air, immediately press the X button when the ball is still in the air and do not hold the R2 button..

Now, when you want to head directly into the goal, or a direct header
towards the opponent’s goal, you can press the triangle or square button repeatedly and quickly when the ball is close to your player’s head. By practicing these techniques, you can easily score goals for your opponent’s goal.

8. Technique for finding the right position for shooting

Pes Shooting Tutorial
Pes Shooting Tutorial

The PES game trick that you must master next is the Technique of Finding the Right Position to Shoot towards the opponent’s goal. What you have to do is immediately look for the right position and create opportunities to shoot the ball so you can win the match.

Do not wait for the opposing player to be close before we shoot is a major mistake that is very unfortunate if you do. It’s better if you kick a little away from the goal especially if the accuracy of the shot is guaranteed because it will make it more difficult for the goalkeeper to predict the direction of the ball.

You can press the Triangle button directly and also the Square right towards the opponent’s goal if you are one on one with the opposing goalkeeper.

9. Powerful Tricks to Grab the Ball from the Opponent

Trik Merebut Bola Di Game Pes
Tricks to Grab the Ball in the Pes Game

Next is the trick to snatch the ball from your opponent, you can approach the opponent first by pressing the direction + X + R1 buttons simultaneously. Then you just press the X button only if your player’s position is close to the position of the opponent who is dribbling.

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This PES game trick will certainly be very useful and really help your players press and grab the ball from the opponent well. Because if you still press the direction button or R1 it will make it difficult to press the ball well.

10. Additional PES Game Tricks Techniques for Playing Pro Evolution Soccer Games

Teknodaim will provide additional PES game tricks that you must master for your PS & PC Laptop. Here are additional tips and tricks that Teknodaim has summarized:

  • Use formations according to the type of team, if you want to change the formation and player layout, don’t change too significantly.
  • Press the L1 button twice to feint at your opponent.
  • Dodge slings from opponents using the R2 button.
  • Use the R1 and R2 buttons and direct the player to the ball, to execute a 2-person kick.
  • Press the L2 or R2 button to dodge and avoid enemies that come your way.
  • When running press X and L1 when you have not received the ball and then press square, so that the ball will be slightly raised in front of you.

So that’s 10 tips & tricks that you must master in playing PES games. The tips and tricks for the Latest PES game above are some tips that Teknodaim can share with you. Hopefully it will be useful, especially for those of you who want to become pro players in the PES game.

Don’t forget to visit Teknodaim for tips, tricks and recommendations.
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