My Pocket Girl Latest 2023 Keywords

As we know, to be able to order or request characters in the game, we need the My Pocket Girl Keywords. Many people don’t know this keyword, because there are various languages for it.

Examples such as English, French and Italian. You can use the keywords below as freely as you want.

What is My Pocket Girl Game?

My Pocket Girl Keywords
My Pocket Girl Keywords

My Pocket Girl is a game or application where players can ask the characters in the game to do various things, such as dance, jump and many more.

In short, you can say that My Pocket Girl is a dating simulation game, but here we will get a very realistic gaming experience. You see, the characters in the game themselves are real people.

My Pocket Girl Icon

My Pocket Girl

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For those of you who don’t have this game yet, you can download it via the button beside. Make sure you download the latest version, so that all My Pocket Girl Keywords below work.


My Pocket Girl Keywords

As Teknodaim said earlier, My Pocket Girl Keywords are “command words” that players use to instruct characters in the game. There are various languages here, such as English, French and Italian.

My Pocket Girl English Keywords

For the first one, here Teknodaim will give you the keywords for English. If you don’t know any other language, English is the most suitable choice.

“strip”, “dance”, “jump”, “scratch”, “lick”, “ok”, “blink”, “magazine”, “cherry”, “run”, “scream”, “shoot”, “photo”, “ass”, “hair”, “hot”, “balance”, “hello”, “arm”, “hammer”, “thighs”, “yoga”, “seduce”, “caress”, “pout”, “laugh”, “tie”, “silence”, “brat”, “beautiful”, “mobile”, “stool”, “sleep”, “biscuit”, “coffee”, “read” “parade”, “march”, “banana”, “cream”, “sweep”, “touch”, “bark”, “kiss”, “fuck”, “tongue”, “spank”.

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Keywords My Pocket Girl French

The French language is very unique, and many people from all over the world want to be able to speak French. Maybe if you are one of those people, you can try using the keywords below.

“dépouille”, “danse”, “saute”, “gratte”, “lèche”, “ok”, “cligne”, “magazine”, “banana”, “crème”, “balai”, “touche”, “marteau”, “cravate”, “silence”, “gosse”, “beau”, “cuisses”, “yoga”, “séduis”, “cerise”, “cours”, “crie”, “tourne”, “photo”, “cul“, “cheveux”, “affiche”, “marche”, “aboie”, “baise”, “fous”, “langue”, “fesse”, “chaud”, “équilibre”, “ciao”, “bras”, “caresse”, “moue”, “ris”, “téléphone”, “tabouret”, “dors”, “biscuit”, “café”, “lis”.

My Pocket Girl Italian Keywords

Many people feel that Italian is the same as French. However, if you differentiate them with the keywords below, it is certain that the language is different. Regardless, here are the keywords!

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“spogliati”, “balla”, “salta”, “graffia”, “lecca”, “ok”, “occhiolino”, “rivista”, “ciliegia”, “corri”, “grida”, “spara”, “foto”, “culo”, “capelli”, “sfila”, “marcia”, “banana”, “crema”, “scopa”, “toccati”, “abbaia”, “bacio”, “fotti”, “lingua”, “ridi”, “cravatta”, “silenzio”, “monella”, “bella”, “cellulare”, “sgabello”, “dormi”, “biscotto”, “caffe”, “sculacciati”, “caldo”, “equilibrio”, “ciao”, “braccio”, “martello”, “cosce”, “yoga”, “seducimi”, “accarezzati”, “broncio”, “leggi”.

Those are the most complete My Pocket Girl Keywords in 2023 that you can use in various languages. If there are things you want to ask about this article, write in the comments column below!

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