Download Link for the Latest BUSSID Map Mod 2022

Mod Map Bussid download link is often sought after by gamers lately, especially for those who like to play Bus Simulator Indonesia. Bus Simulator Indonesia is a very popular game, because this game shows various nuances of Indonesian local wisdom in it.

Bus Simulator Indonesia is a game where players can experience what it’s like to be a bus driver. Experience driving through different regions and roads in Indonesia.

What is Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Map?

Apa Itu Mod Map Bussid
What is mod map bussid

As we mentioned earlier Bus Simulator Indonesia is a game where players become a bus driver, especially in Indonesia. The game was made by an Indonesian developer named Maleo.

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What’s interesting about this game is that the developer gives freedom to the players in designing the appearance of each individual Bus. Apart from the appearance, you can also design the horn sound of the bus you are driving.

Speaking of graphics, there can be no doubt. The graphics of this game are 3D and quite realistic. The goal of this game is for you to deliver passengers to their destination.

Download Mod Map Bussid Latest

After discussing what Bus simulator Indonesia is, of course you want to try how it feels to play the mod version, right? But before that we want to tell you that we have prepared four mod maps that you can use. These mods include the Mud Mod Map, Java Bussid Mod Map, Kelok Naga Mod Map and Sumatra Bussid Mod Map.

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The four mods will change the path you will take on your journey later. Here’s a collection of the latest Bussid map mods that you can download for free.

bus simulator indonesia icon

Bus Simulator Indonesia

Bus simulator is a game that gives players the experience of being a bus driver between regions. In this game you will be invited to travel around various regions in Indonesia.


1. Mod Map Bussid Sumatera

Mod Map Bussid Sumatera
Mod Map Bussid Sumatera

Mod Map Bussid Sumatra is the first route that Teknodaim shares. For those who like this Sumatra route, you can immediately download it via the download button that is already available.

2. Mod Map Kelok Naga

Mod Map Kelok Naga
Mod Map Kelok Naga

Next up is the Kelok Naga Mod Map. As the name implies, this map has a route where you will see various sharp and dangerous turns. In this map, your driving skills are really honed.

3. Mod Map Bussid Jawa

Mod Map Bussid Jawa
Mod Map Bussid Jawa

Next is the Java Bussid Map Mod. As the name implies, this mod has a Java island route. For those of you who like the atmosphere of the island of Java, of course, it is very suitable to download this map.

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4. Mod Map Lumpur

Mod Map Lumpur
Mod Map Lumpur

Last but not least is the Mud Mod Map. This one route is one of the routes that you certainly have to try, here you find many muddy tracks. So you have to be careful in driving.

Pros of Bus Simulator Indonesia Latest Mod Map 2022

Kelebihan Mod Map Bussid Terbaru 2022
Pros of the Latest Bussid Map Mod 2022

By installing the bussid map mod, of course, you will get several advantages that are not in the original map version. Here are some of the advantages that you can get when downloading the latest Bussid map mod.

1. Relieve Boredom

The first advantage is that it can eliminate boredom. By using a mod map, of course, you can use several different routes from the original version. That way you won’t get bored because you keep going through the same path over and over again.

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2. There are Many Challenges

The next advantage is that there are many challenges. As we have mentioned by using the mod map, of course you will go through a different route from the original version. This modified route is certainly not easy to pass so your driving skills will be tested, especially on the mud map route and the dragon kelok which is fairly difficult to pass.

3. Has a Beautiful View

The last advantage is that it has a beautiful view. So along the way, you will see various views that are very comfortable to the eye. Especially in the Pantura section, you will enjoy a variety of beautiful views of the North coast of Java.

How to Install Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Map

Cara Install Mod Map Bussid
Cara Install Mod Map Bussid

After knowing about the Bussid map mod and after downloading the apk, of course you want to immediately install and try it, right. But you are still confused and don’t know how to install the apk? Then you can follow the steps below.

  • Make sure you have installed Bus Simulator Indonesia
  • Don’t forget to download the ZArchiver application to compress the zip file
  • Download the Bussid mod map you want above
  • Extract the mod file that you have downloaded using Zarchiver
  • Open the extracted folder
  • Copy all contents inside the folder
  • Next, move all the files to the android OBB com.maleo.bussidmulatoid main aseets bin data.
  • Open the Simalator Bus game and play the new route.
  • Finish.
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This is the information about the download link for the latest BUSSID Map Mod 2022. After reading this article have you tried the mod? If so, what route do you like? Don’t forget to always visit Teknodaim.

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