How to claim free game on Epic Games, it’s easy!

The Epic Games Store often gives free games to its users. But many people don’t understand how to claim free games on Epic Games. In fact, claiming the game is very easy.

What’s more, everyone can claim this free game from Epic Game, including new and old users alike! Curious about the tutorial? Check out the following explanation.

2 How to Claim Free Games on Epic Games

How To Claim Free Games On Epic Games
How To Claim Free Games On Epic Games

There are two how to claim free games on Epic Games that you need to know. The first is using their website, and the second is using the Epic Games software or app.

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1. How to Claim Epic Games Through the Official Web

For the first one, we will use the easiest method, which is through the Epic Games Store website.

Total Time: 2 minutes

Login to Epic Games

Login Ke Epic Games

You first need to log in to Epic Games via this link. If you don’t have an account, just log in using Google, Facebook or something else.

Find the Free Game

Cari Game Gratisnya

If you have successfully logged in, now we will hunt for free games on the Epic Games Store, by clicking this link. If you have selected the free game you want.

Claim the Game

Klaim Gamenya

After selecting the game you want, it will look like this and just press Get. If so, there will be a tab that opens later then just select Place Order. If so, then the game will go directly to your Epic Games account!

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2. Claim free game from Epic Games Software

As Teknodaim said earlier, there are still other how to claim free games on Epic Games, namely through the software. Actually installing Epic Games software on your device is mandatory, because that’s where the game can later be installed on your device.

  • Download the Epic Games software via this link and install it on your device.
  • If so, login your account into the software and search for free games.
  • After that, press Get like the first way and then Place Order.
  • Later you will be able to play the game if it is installed.
  • It’s easy to install, just open the game and click Install.

Does Epic Games Always Give Away Free Games?

Yep, Epic Games is reportedly always giving away free games to everyone every week. Even top-level games, such as GTA V have also been shared by this publisher. So, if you want a classy free game, Epic Games is always there for you!

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That’s how to claim free games on Epic Games for 2023, it’s really easy isn’t it? If there are things you want to ask about this article, don’t hesitate to say it through the comments column!

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