Download Extra Life Mod APK, the Latest Uncensored Dating Simulation Game

Are you bored with the same old dating simulation game? Relax, now there is Extra Life Mod APK, a dating simulation game which is very suitable for simulation game lovers to play.

The reason itself is very easy, which is that the storyline of this game carries a normal life. Unlike other dating simulation games, which are arguably absurd because they are too extreme.

What is Extra Life Mod APK?

It’s a bit strange, but this game doesn’t live up to its name at all. You see, Extra Life Mod APK is a dating simulation game created by doujin or NSFW developer, RNGeusEX.

Extra Life
Extra Life | Scav3nger

This means that Extra Life is a game that is quite sensitive and should not be played by minors. So, before playing this game, make sure you are old enough first.

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In addition, the storyline of this game itself is arguably in accordance with its name, Extra Life. Where, we will return to the past after dying to fix the wrong things we experienced first.

Because the character we use is a victim of bullying, the next storyline may not be as smooth as you think. In addition, here are the features that you will get if you play this Mod version of Extra Life.

Extra Life Mod APK Featured

Fitur Extra Life Mod Apk
Extra Life Mod APK Featured

Now that you know a little bit about this game by RNGeusEX, of course Teknodaim will tell you about its features. Keep in mind, in the free version, the features below cannot be obtained unless you subscribe. So, make sure to download the Mod version only, so you can enjoy all the features below.

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1. No Ads

Of course, games that have ads are not worth playing. Moreover, we are in the most pleasant moment. But you don’t have to worry about being bothered by ads in this Extra Life game, because this application is already a mod version, which means there are no ads in it.

2. Eye-Pleasing Graphics

In order to enjoy simulation games, of course, graphics are one of the most important things. Such is this Extra Life Mod APK game, where the graphics have been upgraded to Full HD 1080p. So you don’t have to worry about eye pain when playing it.

3. Free to Play

Indeed, the original version of the game is free and all you have to do is play. However, the difference with the mod version is very much, for example, there is a subscription fee for the original version of this game.

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4. Game Simple

If you don’t like complicated things, this game will be perfect for you. The storyline is light and not complicated to play. Moreover, there are girl characters that you can chat with later.

Link Download Extra Life Mod APK No Sensor

After knowing about this Extra Life game, surely you are curious to try it, right? Relax, here is the link to download the free Extra Life Mod APK latest version of 2023.

Extra Life Mod APK Icon

Extra Life Mod APK

This is a simulation game where we will play the role of a man who goes back in time to correct past mistakes. Here we will be accompanied by female characters who are of course favored by singles.


Since this is a modified game, it requires manual steps to install. If you are confused about how to install this dating simulation game on your device, you just need to follow the steps below.

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Total Time: 3 minutes

  1. Enable Unknown Source Installation

    Aktifkan Instalasi Sumber Tidak Dikenal

    First enable Unknown Source Installation via Settings and then search for Additional Settings, select Privacy and check Unknown Sources.

  2. Instal Extra Life Mod APK

    Instal Extra Life Mod Apk

    After that, find the application that you have downloaded earlier, usually located in the File Manager, then the Download Folder and install the game.

  3. Extra Life Mod Siap Dimainkan

    Extra Life Mod Siap Dimainkan

    If so, you can now play Extra Life Mod without any ads and such!


  • Android Phone

Materials: Extra Life Mod APK

That was the discussion about the Extra Life Mod APK and how to install it on your device. What do you think about our discussion this time, quite useful right? If there are questions about this article, write in the comments column!

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