Atomic Heart Sex Cutscenes up to 6 Hours ?

In a few days the Atomic Heart game will be released and can be enjoyed by gamers. Ahead of its release the developer has shared some interesting information about the game. In addition to some interesting information, the game developer also showed one of the interesting scenes, namely the Atomic Heart Sex Cutscene.

According to rumors, this Atomic Heart game has sex cutscenes that last up to 6 hours. So are the rumors true or not? Then let’s see the discussion below.

Atomic Heart Sex Cutscenes up to 6 Hours ?

Atomic Heart Sex Cutscene Berdurasi 6 Jam
Atomic Heart Sex Cutscenes up to 6 Hours

According to the information we got, the developer, Mundfish, said that his game, Atomic Heart, will have a 6-hour sex cutscene. The scene will show between the main character and the Mechanical Ballerina Twin.

Of course, the information submitted by Mundfish reaped a lot of responses from gamers. Some think that the scene is very interesting because the main character’s co-star has a different appearance.

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For example, Atomic Heart’s official YouTube channel has shown R34 Lesbian Art from Mechanical Twins. But you need to remember, these posts certainly cannot be a reference for Mundfish to put sex cutscenes with a very long duration.

For those of you who don’t know Atomic Heart is an FPS game that tells the story of a secret agent who devotes himself to the government of the Soviet Union. The agent has a mission to investigate a place inhabited by robots and experimental creatures.

As we can guess, the enemies we will fight later are Psycho robots and strange experimental creatures. In addition, this game takes place in a kind of alternative world era full of various madness.

Now the most interesting thing about this game is that you as a player are not just exploring the experimental place, but you can also upgrade your weapons to become stronger and there is a feature where players must see the condition of their character’s body either by eating or drinking.

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That’s the discussion about Atomic Heart sex cutscene. After knowing that the developer intends to include hot scenes in the game, are you interested in playing this game or not?

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