4+ Advantages of iPhone 14 over Android?

Thanks to the release of the iPhone 14, many mendingers or mendang-mending people want to find the advantages of the iPhone 14 over Android at the same price. With this article, maybe mendingers can choose your ideal smartphone!

But keep in mind, that the iPhone 14 itself is currently still very fresh or just released. So it’s no wonder that the price is arguably still too high, and there are even hoarders who sell this iPhone 14 at unreasonable prices.

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14+ Consider the advantages of the iPhone 14 for many people | The Economic Times
14+ Consider the advantages of the iPhone 14 for many people | The Economic Times

Okay, if you already understand our discussion this time, here are the advantages of Apple’s latest smartphone, the iPhone 14 Series! Oh yes, the product we are discussing itself is sold starting from Rp 12 Millions!

1. Using the Apple A16 Bionic Chipset

Advantages of iPhone 14, Using Apple A16 Bionic Chipset
Using the Apple A16 Bionic chipset | Apple

The first advantage of iPhone 14 is in terms of chipset, because it is proven that reportedly Apple A16 Bionic is currently the fastest and most stable chipset for smartphones. Although the opponent is Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, this Apple-made chipset is superior.

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2. RAM Paling Kecil Sebesar 6GB

Smallest Ram of 6gb
The Smallest Ram of 6GB | Jember Portal

If previously the iPhone 13 still used a minimum of 4GB RAM, now in the iPhone 14 Series Apple has embedded the smallest RAM of 6GB to help the Dynamic Island feature. Although it can be said that this amount of RAM is still relatively small compared to Android at its price, Apple is famous for their hardware and software that can make it better than higher RAM.

3. Desain yang Lebih Fresh

Advantages of iPhone 14, Fresh Design
A Fresh Design | 9to5Mac

The advantages of this iPhone 14 deserve your thumbs up, because the colors given and the design on the iPhone 14 look very fresh or fresh. Indeed, Android has a wider variety of designs and colours, but what we’re talking about here is Apple’s iPhone.

4. Features Fast Charging

Features Fast Charging
Features Fast Charging | Notebook Check

Are you worried that the iPhone 14 battery only has a 3279mAh battery? Relax, because Apple has provided a Fast-Charging feature that can charge your iPhone from 0% – 50% in just 30 minutes! Moreover, the iPhone 14 Series also features wireless charging, which might come in handy for you.

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5. Ukuran Kamera Lebih Besar Sedikit, Tapi Lebih Berkualitas

Advantages of iPhone 14, slightly larger camera size, but higher quality
Slightly Larger Camera Size, But More Quality | Android Authority

It is undeniable that Apple does have smartphones whose camera quality is exceptionally good. When compared to Android, the iPhone camera is said to have more real pixels than Android, which is 108MP. Maybe it’s just a gimmick, but the iPhone camera has rivals, such as smartphones from Google, namely the Pixel Series, where their camera quality is equally great.

Those are the advantages of the iPhone 14 Series that might help you choose the smartphone you want. If you found this article helpful, don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section!

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