7 Samsung OneUI 6 Android 14 Features You Must Try!

    Trying the Samsung OneUI 6 Android 14 feature is certainly the dream of every Samsung cellphone user. That’s why you need…

    Fitur Samsung Oneui 6.0 Android 14

    Trying the samsung OneUI 6 Android 14 feature is certainly the dream of every Samsung cellphone user. Well this time you are obliged to try a series of features that Samsung has prepared.

    Starting from last week, Samsung has launched the stable version of OneUI 6.0, which is their latest user interface.

    In Indonesia, users of Samsung Galaxy S23 series phones are among the first to try OneUI 6.0 based on Android 14 globally.

    Samsung OneUI 6.0 Android 14 Features

    7 Samsung OneUI 6 Android 14 Features You Must Try!

    OneUI 6.0, which is the new user interface, provides various new features for the camera, gallery, home screen, and more. Here are 7 new features of Samsung OneUI 6.0 that users should try.

    1. Auto blocker

    7 Samsung OneUI 6 Android 14 Features You Must Try!

    Samsung has introduced a new feature in OneUI 6.0 called Auto blocker, which aims to improve user safety

    The Auto Blocker feature will block the installation of apps of unclear origin, detect malicious software (malware), prevent images detected as malware in SMS, and stop malicious commands to run the phone sent via USB cable.

    To activate the Auto blocker feature, you can open the menu “Settings” > “Security and privacy” > “Auto blocker” > slide the button to the on position.

    2. Access the quick panel faster

    7 Samsung OneUI 6 Android 14 Features You Must Try!

    The quick panel is the setting center of phone features that are frequently accessed by users. Through the quick panel, users can turn on/off various features such as WiFi, mobile data, Bluetooth, hotspot, screen recording, adjust brightness, dark mode, flashlight, power saving, access the settings menu, and many other features.

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    In previous versions of OneUI, users needed to make two swipes to open the quick settings panel. However, with Samsung OneUI 6.0, users can easily and quickly access the quick settings panel with just one swipe.

    Samsung OneUI 6.0 allows users to quickly access settings through the “Quick settings instant access” feature.

    To activate it, all you have to do is open your phone and double-swipe the screen. After that, click on the pencil icon and select “Quick settings instant access”. Finally, activate this feature by pressing the “on” button.

    3. Editing videos in the studio

    7 Samsung OneUI 6 Android 14 Features You Must Try!

    One of the interesting features that can be tested in Samsung OneUI 6.0 is “Studio”, a new video editing app that comes with a more complete range of features than previous versions.

    Using the Studio app, users can easily add blank video clips directly from the stock collection provided by Samsung.

    Furthermore, users are given the ability to add multiple background music at once.

    In Studio, users can edit videos by adding two or more songs to enrich the video. Users also have the ability to cut the music according to their needs, either for the beginning or the end of the song.

    Also, in Studio, users can apply fade-in and fade-out effects to the background music, making the transition in and out of the music smoother.

    The Studio app already on Samsung OneUI 6.0 also has more comprehensive text features and can be customized as desired.

    Users have the ability to select the font, adjust the size, choose the color, and even give the text a border and background. In addition, users can also adjust the position and length of the text display.

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    Users have the ability to configure the video format, which is HEVC (more efficient in terms of storage) or H.264 (best suited to various devices). In addition, users can also select the video resolution, between HD (720 x 1280 pixels) or FHD (1080 x 1920 pixels).

    4. Camera widget

    7 Samsung OneUI 6 Android 14 Features You Must Try!

    Samsung OneUI 6.0 now has a new camera widget that allows users to quickly access specific camera modes directly from the main screen, without the need to open the camera app.

    For example, users can access the rear/front camera in various modes such as regular photo, portrait, professional, video, night, food, panorama, director’s view, and other modes.

    Users can select the camera widget view with their favorite photos from the photo gallery, in addition to selecting the camera mode.

    5. Latest Camera Features

    7 Samsung OneUI 6 Android 14 Features You Must Try!

    Users of the camera app will also get some new features. For example, the Samsung S23 Ultra has gotten a new feature, namely high-resolution modes (12M, 50MP, and 200M) that have never existed before.

    With this menu option, users can easily turn on the photography mode with high image quality.

    One of the new feature additions is the watermark. Now, users have the option to set the date and time writing (12 hours or 24 hours).

    Users can also choose to add a watermark at the top or bottom of the photo. Previously, the watermark could only be placed at the bottom. As before, the watermark can be placed on the left, center or right side of the image.

    One of the new features in Samsung OneUI 6.0 is “Auto FPS” which can be used when recording videos. This feature allows the system camera to increase the video frame rate automatically, resulting in brighter videos even in low lighting conditions.

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    This feature has three options available, namely off, used only for videos at 30 fps, and used for videos at both 30 fps and 60 fps.

    Samsung has now given users the ability to disable the swipe up/down feature on the selfie camera. This feature allows users to switch between the rear and front cameras easily.

    To avoid accidental camera changes, users can disable the “swipe up/down” option used to switch between the front and rear cameras.

    6. Classify notices by time order

    7 Samsung OneUI 6 Android 14 Features You Must Try!

    In Samsung OneUI 6.0, there is a new feature called “sort notification”. This feature allows users to select two notification display options in the notification panel. The first option is by time, while the second option is by notification type.

    In OneUI 5.1, notifications are organized based on system priority. In our experience, WhatsApp conversation notifications tend to appear at the top rather than notifications from Instagram, TikTok or email apps.

    With the new sort notification feature in OneUI 6.0, users now have the flexibility to organize how they view notifications, whether by importance or time order.

    7. Move markers and tabs with 2 fingers

    Samsung has updated their OneUI to version 6.0, which now has support for two-handed gestures. With this feature, users can move photo files easily in the gallery or apps on the ut screen.

    With this capability, users can more smoothly and easily move apps/images using two fingers.

    To move an image or app, users can simply press and hold with one finger on the image or app they wish to move. After that, users can use another finger to slide the screen or folder to the desired destination. Finally, simply release the image or app.

    Those are some of the features of Samsung OneUI 6.0 Android 14 that you need to know the most. Keep following Teknodaim to get interesting information about other tips and tricks.


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