Google copied this Android 14 feature from Samsung

    Google copied this Android 14 feature from Samsung

    Google Tiru Fitur Android 14 dari Samsung

    Google Tiru Fitur Android 14 dari Samsung

    It is predicted that the stable version of the Android 14 Operating System will be released in October along with the launch of the Google Pixel 8. Android 14 will bring a variety of new features that were not previously on Android 13. But did you know that Google copied this Android 14 feature from Samsung? Let’s see the following discussion.

    Apparently, Google adopted a new feature that was actually inspired by Samsung. The feature is known as “Maintenance Mode”.

    One of the features on Samsung smartphones is Maintenance Mode. This feature is very useful for users to protect all their personal information when the phone has problems or damage.

    Google copied this Android 14 feature from Samsung

    Google copied this Android 14 feature from Samsung

    This feature is useful for keeping personal data safe before the phone is handed over to a team of technicians for repair.

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    Users have the ability to prevent access to photo galleries, messages, and contact lists. Thus, even if the user’s phone is under the care of a team of technicians, the data is still well protected.

    In Android 14, there is a feature called Repair Mode. This feature can be activated when the phone is being repaired by a technician. This feature has arrived in the QPR1 Beta 1 version of Android 14.

    Despite having the same goal, the technology used to protect user data has slight differences.

    Reported by Android Authority on September 24, 2023, Google uses the DSU (Dynamic System Updates) system. This system has been introduced since Android 10.

    In a technical context, DSU is a function that allows the device to download a GSI (Generic System Image) into the device, perform the boot process, and create new partitions.

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    In general, app developers use GSI to test their apps. In simple terms, by using this system, the device will function like a new phone with the operating system running.

    Basically, the concept and mechanism is similar to a factory reset. The phone will return to the initial state as it was when it was just purchased, with only the built-in apps available. But actually, the user data contained in them has been hidden.

    When the engineering team performs inspections or repairs, they must ensure that personal data or information cannot be accessed, unless the repair mode has been disabled.

    The Repair Mode feature on Android 14 is currently under development. The existence of this feature allows Android users other than Samsung brands to get a higher level of security.

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    This update also shows that Google is very concerned about the security and convenience of its users’ data.

    Those are some things you need to know about Google copied this Android 14 feature from Samsung. Keep following Teknodaim to get other interesting news.

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